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Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShareAI⇩ Chart
101Terminus: Part OneTue15 Feb 19836:54pm00:24:586.80m6586
102Time and the Rani: Part TwoMon14 Sep 19877:34pm00:24:364.20m6385
103Inferno: Episode 3Sat23 May 19705:15pm00:24:344.80m6085
104The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part NineSat1 Nov 19865:47pm00:24:565.20m6685
105An Unearthly Child: The Cave of SkullsSat30 Nov 19635:29pm00:24:375.90m5985
106The Ark: The ReturnSat19 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:196.20m5185
107The Power of Kroll: Part OneSat23 Dec 19786:17pm00:23:166.50m85
108The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part EightSat25 Oct 19865:47pm00:24:445.00m7284
109Paradise Towers: Part TwoMon12 Oct 19877:37pm00:24:395.20m5884
110The Awakening: Part TwoFri20 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:476.60m6384
111The Mind Robber: Episode 5Sat12 Oct 19685:20pm00:18:006.70m4984
112Logopolis: Part OneSat28 Feb 19815:09pm00:24:327.10m84
113The Mark of the Rani: Part TwoSat9 Feb 19855:21pm00:44:327.30m6484
114Mawdryn Undead: Part ThreeTue8 Feb 19836:49pm00:24:327.40m6784
115Castrovalva: Part TwoTue5 Jan 19827:02pm00:24:138.60m84
116The War Games: Episode SevenSat31 May 19695:16pm00:22:284.90m5383
117The Space Pirates: Episode FourSat29 Mar 19695:17pm00:22:255.80m5383
118Mawdryn Undead: Part TwoWed2 Feb 19836:46pm00:24:337.50m7083
119The Web of Fear: Episode 1Sat3 Feb 19685:24pm00:24:537.20m5482
120Arc of Infinity: Part FourWed12 Jan 19836:46pm00:24:287.20m6682
121Time and the Rani: Part ThreeMon21 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:234.30m5781
122The War Games: Episode ThreeSat3 May 19695:15pm00:24:305.10m5381
123Dragonfire: Part OneMon23 Nov 19877:37pm00:24:015.50m6180
124The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part FourteenSat6 Dec 19865:45pm00:29:305.60m6980
125The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 7Sat2 May 19705:15pm00:24:326.40m6280
126The Web of Fear: Episode 2Sat10 Feb 19685:14pm00:24:386.80m5380
127The Invasion: Episode EightSat21 Dec 19685:15pm00:25:037.00m5380
128Terminus: Part FourWed23 Feb 19836:46pm00:24:497.40m6780
129Paradise Towers: Part ThreeMon19 Oct 19877:36pm00:24:305.00m5879
130Inferno: Episode 7Sat20 Jun 19705:15pm00:24:335.50m6079
131The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part FourWed4 Jan 19897:37pm00:24:246.60m6479
132The Enemy of the World: Episode 3Sat6 Jan 19685:25pm00:23:057.10m4879
133Timelash: Part TwoSat16 Mar 19855:21pm00:44:367.40m6479
134Remembrance of the Daleks: Part OneWed5 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:335.50m6878
135Remembrance of the Daleks: Part TwoWed12 Oct 19887:35pm00:24:315.80m6978
136The Daleks: The SurvivorsSat28 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:276.40m5878
137Terror of the Autons: Episode OneSat2 Jan 19715:15pm00:24:367.30m78
138Mawdryn Undead: Part FourWed9 Feb 19836:47pm00:24:337.70m6878
139Kinda: Part OneMon1 Feb 19826:57pm00:24:508.40m78
140The Smugglers: Episode 2Sat17 Sep 19665:54pm00:24:274.90m4577
141The Tenth Planet: Episode 1Sat8 Oct 19665:52pm00:23:085.50m5077
142The Leisure Hive: Part OneSat30 Aug 19806:14pm00:23:335.90m77
143The War Machines: Episode 2Sat2 Jul 19666:56pm00:24:004.70m4576
144The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part FiveSat4 Oct 19865:47pm00:24:424.80m7176
145Silver Nemesis: Part OneWed23 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:316.10m7176
146The Sea Devils: Episode OneSat26 Feb 19725:50pm00:24:406.40m76
147Enlightenment: Part TwoWed2 Mar 19836:45pm00:24:237.20m6576
148The Armageddon Factor: Part ThreeSat3 Feb 19796:28pm00:25:027.80m76
149The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part TwoSat13 Sep 19865:46pm00:24:444.90m6975
150The Space Pirates: Episode ThreeSat22 Mar 19695:15pm00:23:506.40m5575
151The Stones of Blood: Part TwoSat4 Nov 19786:22pm00:23:536.60m75
152The Caves of Androzani: Part TwoFri9 Mar 19846:41pm00:25:006.60m75
153The Time Warrior: Part TwoSat22 Dec 19735:45pm00:24:107.00m75
154Terminus: Part TwoWed16 Feb 19836:46pm00:24:407.50m6775
155The Enemy of the World: Episode 2Sat30 Dec 19675:26pm00:23:487.60m4975
156Snakedance: Part TwoWed19 Jan 19836:46pm00:24:357.70m6675
157The Space Pirates: Episode TwoSat15 Mar 19695:14pm00:25:026.80m5274
158Planet of Fire: Part FourFri2 Mar 19846:41pm00:24:447.00m74
159The Seeds of Death: Episode FourSat15 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:577.10m5574
160Arc of Infinity: Part OneMon3 Jan 19836:45pm00:24:377.20m6974
161Warriors of the Deep: Part ThreeThu12 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:027.30m6274
162Snakedance: Part FourWed26 Jan 19836:44pm00:24:297.40m6774
163Fury From the Deep: Episode 5Sat13 Apr 19685:15pm00:23:405.90m5673
164The Invasion: Episode FourSat23 Nov 19685:14pm00:24:186.40m5173
165Inferno: Episode 6Sat13 Jun 19705:26pm00:23:326.70m5873
166The Enemy of the World: Episode 5Sat20 Jan 19685:24pm00:24:226.90m4973
167Resurrection of the Daleks: Part OneWed8 Feb 19846:49pm00:46:247.30m6973
168Inferno: Episode 1Sat9 May 19705:15pm00:23:215.70m6172
169The Invasion: Episode SixSat7 Dec 19685:15pm00:23:206.50m5672
170The Seeds of Death: Episode TwoSat1 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:266.80m5972
171The Keeper of Traken: Part OneSat31 Jan 19815:09pm00:24:057.60m72
172Time and the Rani: Part OneMon7 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:445.10m5871
173The War Machines: Episode 1Sat25 Jun 19665:35pm00:24:015.40m4971
174The Abominable Snowmen: Episode TwoSat7 Oct 19675:25pm00:23:156.00m5271
175The Web of Fear: Episode 3Sat17 Feb 19685:25pm00:24:347.00m5171
176The Ice Warriors: TwoSat18 Nov 19675:24pm00:24:167.10m5271
177The Ark: The BombSat26 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:377.30m5071
178Planet of Fire: Part OneThu23 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:267.40m71
179The Twin Dilemma: Part TwoFri23 Mar 19846:41pm00:25:097.40m6671
180The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of StevenSat25 Dec 19656:35pm00:24:367.90m3971
181Terror of the Autons: Episode TwoSat9 Jan 19715:14pm00:24:488.00m71
182Attack of the Cybermen: Part OneSat5 Jan 19855:22pm00:44:178.90m6171
183The Space Pirates: Episode FiveSat5 Apr 19695:14pm00:24:445.50m5670
184The Claws of Axos: Episode ThreeSat27 Mar 19715:15pm00:24:056.40m70
185The Faceless Ones: Episode 2Sat15 Apr 19675:51pm00:25:226.40m5070
186An Unearthly Child: The FiremakerSat14 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:236.40m5570
187Image of the Fendahl: Part OneSat29 Oct 19776:11pm00:24:386.70m70
188The Ark: The PlagueSat12 Mar 19665:15pm00:25:006.90m5670
189The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 6Sat25 Apr 19705:16pm00:24:316.90m6170
190The Mind of Evil: Episode ThreeSat13 Feb 19715:15pm00:24:307.50m70
191The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part OneSat6 Sep 19865:46pm00:24:574.90m7269
192Timelash: Part OneSat9 Mar 19855:22pm00:45:006.70m6669
193Warriors' Gate: Part FourSat24 Jan 19815:09pm00:24:537.80m5969
194The War Games: Episode TwoSat26 Apr 19695:14pm00:25:006.30m5468
195The Seeds of Death: Episode OneSat25 Jan 19695:16pm00:23:116.60m5768
196The Ice Warriors: OneSat11 Nov 19675:10pm00:24:216.70m5268
197The Krotons: Episode FourSat18 Jan 19695:16pm00:22:397.10m5568
198Enlightenment: Part FourWed9 Mar 19836:46pm00:24:347.30m7068
199Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 2Sat7 Feb 19705:16pm00:23:087.30m5868
200The Highlanders: Episode 3Sat31 Dec 19665:52pm00:22:547.40m4668