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Episode Title⇩ DateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
801The Dalek Invasion of Earth: FlashpointSat26 Dec 19645:58pm00:25:2112.40m6012
802The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Waking AllySat19 Dec 19645:40pm00:24:2911.40m5818
803The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of TomorrowSat12 Dec 19645:40pm00:23:2311.90m5911
804The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Day of ReckoningSat5 Dec 19645:39pm00:26:5011.90m5910
805The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The DaleksSat28 Nov 19645:41pm00:24:1912.40m5910
806The Dalek Invasion of Earth: World's EndSat21 Nov 19645:40pm00:23:4211.40m6312
807Planet of Giants: CrisisSat14 Nov 19645:15pm00:26:358.90m5933
808Planet of Giants: Dangerous JourneySat7 Nov 19645:15pm00:23:408.40m5845
809Planet of GiantsSat31 Oct 19645:13pm00:23:158.40m5737
810The Reign Of Terror: Prisoners of ConciergerieSat12 Sep 19645:29pm00:25:046.40m5538
811The Reign Of Terror: A Bargain of NecessitySat5 Sep 19645:31pm00:23:516.90m5339
812The Reign Of Terror: The Tyrant of FranceSat29 Aug 19645:15pm00:24:466.40m5336
813The Reign Of Terror: A Change of IdentitySat22 Aug 19645:29pm00:25:236.90m5534
814The Reign Of Terror: Guests of Madame GuillotineSat15 Aug 19645:14pm00:24:046.90m5435
815The Reign Of Terror: A Land of FearSat8 Aug 19645:15pm00:24:246.90m5837
816The Sensorites: A Desperate VentureSat1 Aug 19645:14pm00:24:296.90m5739
817The Sensorites: KidnapSat25 Jul 19645:15pm00:24:176.90m5729
818The Sensorites: A Race Against DeathSat18 Jul 19645:14pm00:24:495.50m6058
819The Sensorites: Hidden DangerSat11 Jul 19645:15pm00:24:537.40m5622
820The Sensorites: The Unwilling WarriorsSat27 Jun 19645:40pm00:24:446.90m5939
821The Sensorites: Strangers in SpaceSat20 Jun 19645:14pm00:24:467.90m5917
822The Aztecs: The Day of DarknessSat13 Jun 19645:14pm00:25:307.40m5834
823The Aztecs: The Bride of SacrificeSat6 Jun 19645:14pm00:25:277.90m5719
824The Aztecs: The Warriors of DeathSat30 May 19645:16pm00:24:117.40m6234
825The Aztecs: The Temple of EvilSat23 May 19645:16pm00:23:567.40m6225
826The Keys of MarinusSat16 May 19645:17pm00:25:116.90m6343
827The Keys of Marinus: Sentence of DeathSat9 May 19645:14pm00:25:037.90m6129
828The Keys of Marinus: The Snows of TerrorSat2 May 19645:29pm00:24:5410.40m6020
829The Keys of Marinus: The Screaming JungleSat25 Apr 19645:29pm00:23:459.90m6122
830The Keys of Marinus: The Velvet WebSat18 Apr 19645:31pm00:25:379.40m6025
831The Keys of Marinus: The Sea of DeathSat11 Apr 19645:31pm00:23:209.90m6222
832Marco Polo: Assassin at PekingSat4 Apr 19645:30pm00:24:4810.40m5922
833Marco Polo: Mighty Kublai KhanSat28 Mar 19645:29pm00:25:368.40m5949
834Marco Polo: Rider From Shang-TuSat21 Mar 19645:16pm00:23:269.40m5937
835Marco Polo: The Wall of LiesSat14 Mar 19645:15pm00:24:489.90m6031
836Marco Polo: Five Hundred EyesSat7 Mar 19645:16pm00:22:209.40m6234
837Marco Polo: The Singing SandsSat29 Feb 19645:15pm00:26:349.40m6233
838Marco Polo: The Roof of the WorldSat22 Feb 19645:15pm00:24:129.40m6333
839The Edge of Destruction: The Brink of DisasterSat15 Feb 19645:16pm00:22:119.90m6031
840The Edge of DestructionSat8 Feb 19645:15pm00:25:0410.40m6121
841The Daleks: The RescueSat1 Feb 19645:17pm00:22:2410.40m6525
842The Daleks: The OrdealSat25 Jan 19645:15pm00:26:1410.40m6329
843The Daleks: The ExpeditionSat18 Jan 19645:15pm00:24:319.90m6327
844The Daleks: The AmbushSat11 Jan 19645:14pm00:24:379.90m6329
845The Daleks: The EscapeSat4 Jan 19645:15pm00:25:108.90m6245
846The Daleks: The SurvivorsSat28 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:276.40m5878
847The Daleks: The Dead PlanetSat21 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:226.90m5967
848An Unearthly Child: The FiremakerSat14 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:236.40m5570
849An Unearthly Child: The Forest of FearSat7 Dec 19635:15pm00:23:386.90m5661
850An Unearthly Child: The Cave of SkullsSat30 Nov 19635:29pm00:24:375.90m5985
851An Unearthly ChildSat23 Nov 19635:16pm00:23:104.40m63114