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Jonathan Morris

Last updated 07 December 2016

Jonathan Morris has worked on
Big Finish 65 episodes

Production Credits
2001Big Finish: BloodtideWriter
2003Big Finish: Flip-FlopWriter
2007Big Finish: The Beautiful PeopleWriter
2008Big Finish: Max WarpWriter
Big Finish: The Haunting of Thomas BrewsterWriter
Big Finish: HothouseWriter
Big Finish: The Great Space ElevatorWriter
2009Big Finish: The CannibalistsWriter
Big Finish: The Glorious RevolutionWriter
Big Finish: The Eternal SummerWriter
2010Big Finish: CobwebsWriter
Big Finish: DeimosWriter
Big Finish: The Resurrection Of MarsWriter
2011Big Finish: The Crimes of Thomas BrewsterWriter
Big Finish: Tales from the VaultWriter
Big Finish: The Fourth Doctor Boxset: The Foe from the FutureAdapted By
2012Big Finish: The Curse of DavrosWriter
Big Finish: The Guardians of ProphecyWriter
Big Finish: Protect and SurviveWriter
Big Finish: The Shadow HeartWriter
2013Big Finish: The Auntie MatterWriter
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 05: The Age of RevolutionWriter
Big Finish: Prisoners of FateWriter
Big Finish: Phantoms of the DeepWriter
Big Finish: MastermindWriter
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 06: The Skeleton QuayWriter
Big Finish: Ghost in the MachineWriter
Big Finish: 1963: The Space RaceWriter
2014Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 07: The Monstrous MenagerieWriter
Big Finish: Last of the ColophonWriter
Big Finish: Revenge of the SwarmWriter
Big Finish: The Fifth Doctor Boxset: PsychodromeWriter
2015Big Finish: The Entropy PlagueWriter
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 09: The Flying FrenchmenWriter
Big Finish: Damaged GoodsAdapted By
Big Finish: The Cloisters of TerrorWriter
Big Finish: We Are The DaleksWriter
2016Big Finish: The Waters of AmsterdamWriter
Big Finish: The Paradox PlanetWriter
Big Finish: Legacy Of DeathWriter
2017Big Finish: Vortex IceWriter
Big Finish: SubterraneaWriter
Big Finish: StaticWriter
2018Big Finish: The Time War - Series 2: The Lords of TerrorWriter
Big Finish: Instant KarmaWriter
Big Finish: The Crash Of The UK-201Writer
2019Big Finish: Diary of River Song: Series 5: The Bekdel TestWriter
Big Finish: The KamelionWriter
Big Finish: UNIT: Incursions: This Sleep of DeathWritten By
Big Finish: The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 1: The Cars That Ate London!Writer
Big Finish: The Dimension Cannon: The Endless NightWritten By
Big Finish: The Worlds of Doctor Who: The Screaming SkullWriter
Big Finish: A Perfect WorldWriter
Big Finish: The Specials: The Mists of TimeWriter
Big Finish: The Fourth Doctor Boxset: The Valley of DeathAdapted By
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 02: The Theatre of DreamsWriter
Big Finish: The Fifth Doctor Boxset: IterationsScript Editor
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 10: The Year of the BatWriter
Big Finish: The Legacy of Time: The Avenues of PossibilityWriter
Big Finish: BabblesphereWriter
Big Finish: Fourth Doctor - Series 9: Volume 1: Chase the NightWritten By
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 01: The Spirit TrapWriter
Big Finish: The Company of Friends: Mary's StoryWriter
Big Finish: The Specials: FreakshowWriter
Big Finish: Missy - Series One: The Belly of the BeastWriter
Big Finish: Shadow of the Daleks 1: LightspeedWritten By