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Sophie Aldred: Dragonfire; Remembrance of the Daleks; The Happiness Patrol; Silver Nemesis; The Greatest Show in the Galaxy; Battlefield; Ghost Light; The Curse of Fenric; Survival; Dimensions In Time[Misc]; The Fearmonger[BF]; The Genocide Machine[BF]; The Shadow of the Scourge[BF]; Dust Breeding[BF]; Colditz[BF]; The Rapture[BF]; The Dark Flame[BF]; The Harvest[BF]; Dreamtime[BF]; LIVE 34[BF]; Night Thoughts[BF]; The Settling[BF]; No Man's Land[BF]; Nocturne[BF]; The Dark Husband[BF]; Forty-Five[BF]; The Prisoner's Dilemma[BF]; The Magic Mousetrap[BF]; Enemy of the Daleks[BF]; The Angel of Scutari[BF]; Project: Destiny[BF]; A Death in the Family[BF]; Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge[BF]; Thin Ice[BF]; Earth Aid[BF]; Protect and Survive[BF]; Black and White[BF]; Gods and Monsters[BF]; Love and War[BF]; UNIT: Dominion[BF]; The Light at the End[BF]; 1963: The Assassination Games[BF]; Afterlife[BF]; Revenge of the Swarm[BF]; Mask of Tragedy[BF]; Signs and Wonders[BF]; Intervention Earth[BF]; The Triumph of Sutekh[BF]; Theatre of War[BF]; You Are the Doctor and Other Stories[BF]; All-Consuming Fire[BF]; Nightshade[BF]; Enemy Lines[BF]; A Life of Crime[BF]; Fiesta Of The Damned[BF]; Maker Of Demons[BF]; Shadow Planet / World Apart[BF]; The High Price Of Parking[BF]; The Blood Furnace[BF]; The Silurian Candidate[BF]; Time War[BF]; Red Planets[BF]; Class - Volume Two[BF]; The Dispossessed[BF]; The Quantum Possibility Engine[BF]; Muse Of Fire[BF]; The Eighth of March[BF]; An Alien Werewolf In London[BF]; The Legacy of Time[BF]; Dark Universe[BF]; New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: Volume One[BF]; Shockwave[BF]
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Dorothy Gale McShane, better known by her nickname Ace, is a fictional character played by Sophie Aldred in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.[3] A 20th-century Earth teenager from the London suburb of Perivale, she is a companion of the Seventh Doctor and a regular in the series from 1987 to 1989.[4]

Ace appeared in 9 stories (31 episodes), and was the Doctor's final companion in the original run of the classic series.

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