Clyde Langer

Last updated 19 April 2020

Clyde Langer -
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Clyde Langer

Parents: Carla Langer, Paul Langer (divorced)

Clyde moves to Ealing and becomes a new student at Park Vale Comprehensive School alongside Luke Smith and Maria Jackson in Revenge of the Slitheen. At first, he didn�t want to associate himself with Luke and Maria, thinking they weren�t cool, but he has no choice after being attacked by the Slitheen. Clyde helps Luke, Maria, and Sarah Jane Smith to save the world from the alien race, and afterwards, decides to join them in their alien-fighting adventures.

Clyde�s parents, like Maria�s, have been divorced ever since his father ran off with his aunt to Germany when he was ten years old. Clyde has always avoided this subject until his dad shows up on his doorstep, raising old questions and causing more trouble in The Mark of the Berserker.

Clyde also likes to keep up appearances. He makes jokes almost all the time and is considered the �class clown� by Rani�s father (and school principal), Haresh Chandra. He also likes to be thought of as a �cool� person, and tries to help Luke become cool as well.

Some personal hobbies that Clyde enjoys include cooking for his mum and drawing.

Biography by Nicole-Anne Keyton