Last updated 28 March 2020

Davros -
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Davros was originally the head of the Kaled Scientific Elite, on the planet Skaro, but became better known as the creator of the Daleks.

He first met the Doctor as a child, while trapped on the battle fields of Skaro.

The fourth Doctor batteled with Davros, near the time of the creation of the Daleks,  when he was tasked by the Time Lords to prevent the development of the Daleks

During the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War, he served as Emperor of the Imperial Dalek faction and later of the Dalek race as a whole, but his relationship with his creations was always tense. He was frequently hunted, maligned or otherwise denigrated by some portion of the overall Dalek population.

Despite the fact that he was not the unquestioned ruler of the Daleks, he was one of the Doctor's greatest enemies, rivalling the Master in intellect and madness. Because of his creations, he was responsible for trillions of deaths and war across the universe.