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Last updated 26 September 2015


The Power to End All Life
The Doctor tries to force The Kaleds' chief scientist Davros to destroy the embryonic Daleks, but then Nyder intervenes.

The Doctor & Davros meet again
Davros has been freed from his cryogenic imprisonment onboard a prision space station, to find a cure for a virus which is deadly to Dalek tissue. The Doctor again has the opportunity to destroy Davros forever but will he have the courage?

Davros the great healer
The TARDIS has landed on Necros, the location of the funeral home Tranquil Repose. The Great Healer of Necors is exposed as none other than Davros who is using the organic material in the cryogenic storage units both as the raw material for the synthetic food that is Necros's biggest export and also to create a whole new army of Daleks with which to take control of the universe.

The Doctor mocks Davros
The Imperial Emperor is informed that the Omega Device is in his possession. The Doctor appears on the bridge screen and demands the surrender of the Device. The Emperor is revealed to be Davros, who announces his plans for his Daleks to overthrow the Time Lords. Angered by the Doctor's insults, Davros decides to unleash the device on Skaro's sun.

The DoctorDonna
Davros has the Doctor and his friends captive with plans on destroying the universe, but there was one companion he didn't see coming.

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