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It's Christmas!
Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner. Will the Doctor be able to save them?

The Doctor comes down the chimney
The Doctor falls down a chimney on Christmas eve and meets miserly Kazran Sardick.

Preview Clip 3
As the danger and desperation mount, it's good news, bad news time for Amy...

Big Fishy!
The Doctor and Karzan find themselves waylaid by a shark on Christmas eve.

Preview Clip 4
The Doctor meets Abigail and learns a little about the fish...

Abigail's Song
Katherine Jenkins, as Abigail Pettigrew, performs Murray Gold's beautiful song.

Credit: BBC 

Preview - Children In Need
A special preview of the 2010 Christmas special of Doctor Who, A Christmas Carol, featuring Matt Smith as the Time Lord.

The thrilling adventures of the Eleventh Doctor and newly-weds Amy Pond and Rory Williams will continue in a Doctor Who fun-filled and heartfelt festive story, A Christmas Carol, this Christmas on BBC One.

Credit: BBC 

Matt Smith Introduces A Christmas Carol
Matt Smith introduces A Christmas Carol and gives his thoughts on this year’s Doctor Who special.

Doctor Who Confidential
We take a behind the scenes look at the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special. With music being the only way to sooth the fog-bound fish, we find out just how Katherine Jenkins had a new Christmas Carol written just for her.

Katherine Jenkins on Doctor Who
Singer Katherine Jenkins, Danny Horn and others discuss their experience of working on the Christmas special of Doctor Who.

BFI Premiere
A Christmas Carol premiered at the BFI Southbank on Monday, 13th December and we went along for a look.

Credit: BBC Worldwide