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Last updated 17 August 2019

The House on the Edge of Chaos

The House on the Edge of Chaos

Release: 25

First Released: Wed 31 Jul 2019 (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 80 minutes

Recorded on Thu 23 Aug 2018 in The Moat Studios

The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Lucie to a vast house on the planet known as Horton’s Orb. The only house on Horton’s Orb, in fact. Outside its outsized windows there’s nothing. No land. No sea. No sky. No life. Just an endless expanse of static.

Inside the house, there’s an upstairs and a downstairs – servants below, gentlefolk from the finest of the house’s families above. Alas, there are altogether too few eligible ladies on the upper floors these days. Meaning there’s a vacancy for Miss Lucie Miller, single and unattached…

Outside the house, the static howls on. Except now, the static wants to get in.