Last updated 17 April 2017

The Time of the Daleks

The Time of the Daleks

Series Episode Number: 32

First Broadcast: Fri 31 May 2002 - ~8:00pm UTC (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 121 minutes 57 seconds

Recorded on Mon 22 Jan 2001 in The Moat Studios

The Doctor has always admired the work of William Shakespeare. So he is a little surprised that Charley doesn't hold the galaxy's greatest playwright in the same esteem. In fact she's never heard of him.

Which the Doctor thinks is quite improbable.

General Mariah Learman, ruling Britain after the Eurowars, is one of Shakespeare's greatest admirers, and is convinced her time machine will enable her to see the plays' original performances.

Which the Doctor believes is extremely unlikely.

The Daleks just want to help. They want Learman to get her time machine working. They want Charley to appreciate the first ever performance of Julius Caesar. They believe that Shakespeare is the greatest playwright ever to have existed and venerate his memory.

Which the Doctor knows is utterly impossible