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The Two Irises

The Two Irises

Release: 310

First Released: Thu 30 Apr 2009 (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 60 minutes

Recorded on Sun 25 May 2008 in The Moat Studios

Iris is dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. She sacrificed herself to save her best friend, Panda, then exploded inside her time-travelling bus.

On Earth in the year 2108, the North Bloc and the South Bloc teeter on the edge of terrible nuclear war. The fate of the whole world rests on a not-very-good disco in Spain. One run by the dastardly alien Naxians…

Iris Wildthyme is as dead as a doornail. But her new incarnation is going to have to get stuck in. Poor bloke doesn't stand a chance.