The Destroyer Vs. The Brigadier

Watch the highlights of a classic Seventh Doctor story, Battlefield!

The Brigadier Returns!:
After receiving word from UNIT that The Doctor has returned, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart sets off in a helicopter to greet him.

The Destroyer vs The Brigadier:
Morgaine believes that man is too "obsessed with machinery"... and decides to demonstrate its limitation

The Doctor is... Merlin?! :
Just after crashing into the brewery (through the roof), the mysterious knight is unmasked by the Doctor... and recognises him?

The Destroyer vs The Brigadier:
The Brigadier, believing himself to be more expendable than the Doctor, stuns him, steals a gun loaded with silver bullets and sets off to face The Destroyer

Saved by the Brigadier:
Having stumbled upon a spaceship under a lake, the Doctor is attacked by the ships' safety mechanism. Luckily a familiar face is near to help him out.

The Doctor's Speech on Nuclear War:
After hearing Morgaine has seized control of nuclear weapons, the Doctor pleads with her to not use them

LinkCredit: BBC Worldwide 

Ace Returns!
She's been busy managing her organisation A Charitable Earth (get it?) - but is Ace ready for one more adventure for the release of Doctor Who: The Collection Season 26?

Credit: BBC Studios