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Part One

Part One

Series Episode Number: 570

World Premiere: Mon 1 Mar 1982 - 6:56pm GMT [BBC One: Not Wales] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 22 May 1983 - 11:00pm CDT [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes 56 seconds

9.90 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 57 () (UK)

Recorded on Tue 20 Oct 1981 in Television Centre 3

A murder is committed in Cranleigh Hall. The Cranleighs ask the Doctor to play cricket and then join them for a masked ball, enabling the killer to hide in plain sight.

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorPeter Davison
NyssaSarah Sutton
AnnSarah Sutton
TeganJanet Fielding
AdricMatthew Waterhouse
Lady CranleighBarbara Murray
Sir Robert MuirMoray Watson
Lord CranleighMichael Cochrane
BrewsterBrian Hawksley
TannerTimothy Block
LatoniAhmed Khalil
The UnknownGareth Milner
Double for Nyssa/AnnVanessa Paine (uncredited)
GuestCaron Heggie (uncredited)
GuestCharlie Millward (uncredited)
GuestBrychan Powell (uncredited)
GuestDerek Hunt (uncredited)
GuestFrederick Woolf (uncredited)
GuestDavid Wilde (uncredited)
GuestAmanda Carlson (uncredited)
DancerRosemary Lyford (uncredited)
DancerSheila West (uncredited)
DancerLisa Clifton (uncredited)
DancerLindy Salmon (uncredited)
DancerJane Sherbourne (uncredited)
DancerAdrian Gibbs (uncredited)
DancerChristine Kendall (uncredited)
DancerNola Haines (uncredited)
DancerAnnette Lyons (uncredited)
CricketerGus Roy (uncredited)
CricketerRory O'Connor (uncredited)
CricketerDouglas Stark (uncredited)
CricketerDerek Southern (uncredited)
CricketerStuart Myers (uncredited)
CricketerNick Joseph (uncredited)
CricketerLionel Sandsby (uncredited)
CricketerAlan Talbot (uncredited)
CricketerMichael Horner (uncredited)
CricketerKevin O'Brian (uncredited)
CricketerBernard Monast (uncredited)