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Part Two

Part Two

Series Episode Number: 663

World Premiere: Mon 9 Nov 1987 - 7:35pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Wed 24 Jun 2015 - 8:30pm EDT [Retro TV]
Running Time: 24 minutes 23 seconds

5.10 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 60 (UK)

Chart Position: 93 () (UK)

Gavrok and the Bannermen have arrived on Earth, searching for Delta. They slaughter the holidaymakers without compunction to draw her out.

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorSylvester McCoy
MelanieBonnie Langford
GavrokDon Henderson
DeltaBelinda Mayne
WeismullerStubby Kaye
HawkMorgan Deare
GoronwyHugh Lloyd MBE
BurtonRichard Davies
BillyDavid Kinder
RaySara Griffiths
MurrayJohnny Dennis
VinnyMartyn Geraint
KeillorBrian Hibbard
CallonClive Condon
ArrexRichard Mitchley
BollittAnita Graham
AdlonLeslie Meadows
VocalistTracey Wilson
VocalistJodie Wilson
Young ChimeronJessica McGough
Young ChimeronAmy Osborn
BannermanIan Lawrence (uncredited)
BannermanJared Morgan (uncredited)
BannermanPhilip Badot (uncredited)
BannermanRicky Garrett (uncredited)
BannermanRob York (uncredited)
BannermanTerry Bennett (uncredited)
Camper on BusAlan Thomas East (uncredited)
Camper on BusAndrea Thompson (uncredited)
Camper on BusColin Galton (uncredited)
Camper on BusDebbie Doyle (uncredited)
Camper on BusDelyth Evans (uncredited)
Camper on BusGabriella Nicholson (uncredited)
Camper on BusGary Townsend (uncredited)
Camper on BusJohnny Darrell (uncredited)
Camper on BusKim Stone (uncredited)
Camper on BusMargaret Davies (uncredited)
Camper on BusMargarite Richards (uncredited)
Camper on BusRos Garrett (uncredited)
Camper on BusSandie Lee (uncredited)
Camper on BusStella King (uncredited)
Camper on BusSusan Baker (uncredited)
Camper on BusValerie Graham (uncredited)
Holiday MakerAndy Scourfield (uncredited)
Holiday MakerBob Prentiss (uncredited)
Holiday MakerElizabeth Baker (uncredited)
Holiday MakerEric Goldini (uncredited)
Holiday MakerJames Rourke (uncredited)
Holiday MakerJenny Downham (uncredited)
Holiday MakerLynda Jenkins (uncredited)
Holiday MakerMarie Phillips (uncredited)
Holiday MakerMelanie Brookes (uncredited)
Holiday MakerPaul Laker (uncredited)
Holiday MakerStella Brett (uncredited)
Holiday MakerSue Hopkins (uncredited)
Holiday MakerToni Carroll (uncredited)
Holiday MakerVicki Edmunds (uncredited)
RedcoatDanny Glass (uncredited)
RedcoatDebbie Reid (uncredited)
RedcoatLeigh Ann Evans (uncredited)
RedcoatNicky Thompson (uncredited)
RedcoatRichard Beavis (uncredited)
RedcoatTerry Jones (uncredited)
Space TouristAndrew O'Leary (uncredited)
Space TouristGwyn Davies (uncredited)
Space TouristIan Killen (uncredited)
Space TouristMichael Kelligan (uncredited)
Space TouristPhil Hopkins (uncredited)
Space TouristPhilip Samms (uncredited)
Space TouristSteve Mceachron (uncredited)
Space TouristTroy Mitchell (uncredited)
WaitressHelen Wilkes (uncredited)
WaitressJenny Bayliss (uncredited)
WaitressLizenna Rees (uncredited)