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Episode 6

Episode 6

Series Episode Number: 263

World Premiere: Sat 7 Mar 1970 - 5:15pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Wed 1 Oct 2014 - 8:30pm EDT [Retro TV]
Running Time: 24 minutes 15 seconds

7.20 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 57 (UK)

Chart Position: 63 () (UK)

Recorded on Mon 19 Jan 1970 in Television Centre 8
Archive State: PAL Restor

As the Silurian plague quickly spreads, the Doctor desperately searches for a cure. But the Silurians are aware of the Doctor's efforts and intend to stop him.

Characters hide uncredited
Doctor WhoJon Pertwee
Liz ShawCaroline John
Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartNicholas Courtney
MastersGeoffrey Palmer
Dr. LawrencePeter Miles
Captain HawkinsPaul Darrow
Sergeant HartRichard Steele
Corporal NuttingAlan Mason
Private WrightDavid Pollitt
Hospital DoctorBrendan Barry
Young SilurianNigel Johns
Silurian ScientistPat Gorman
SilurianSimon Cain
Silurian VoicePeter Halliday
AmbulancemanDave Carter (uncredited)
CabbieMostyn Evans (uncredited)
London extraAileen Lewis (uncredited)
London extraAlison Daumler (uncredited)
London extraBetty Richardson (uncredited)
London extraB G Heath (uncredited)
London extraBrenda Skilton (uncredited)
London extraBruce Cox (uncredited)
London extraColin Cunningham (uncredited)
London extraConstance Carling (uncredited)
London extraDavid Parry (uncredited)
London extraDenis McTighe (uncredited)
London extraElizabeth Power (uncredited)
London extraGeorge Romanov (uncredited)
London extraHarold Horsham (uncredited)
London extraHarold White (uncredited)
London extraHugh Cecil (uncredited)
London extraIona MacRae (uncredited)
London extraJean Hylton (uncredited)
London extraJean Shannon (uncredited)
London extraJim Delaney (uncredited)
London extraJoanna Lawrence (uncredited)
London extraJohn Shorter (uncredited)
London extraJosie Dent (uncredited)
London extraJoyce Windsor (uncredited)
London extraLeslie Shannon (uncredited)
London extraLyn Turner (uncredited)
London extraMaureen Nelson (uncredited)
London extraMichael Moor (uncredited)
London extraNatalia Lindley (uncredited)
London extraPat Matthews (uncredited)
London extraPeter Blackburn (uncredited)
London extraPeter Brett (uncredited)
London extraPeter Ray (uncredited)
London extraRex Rashley (uncredited)
London extraRichard King (uncredited)
London extraRosina Stewart (uncredited)
London extraRoy Denton (uncredited)
London extraRoy Pearce (uncredited)
London extraStenson Falcke (uncredited)
London extraStuart Myers (uncredited)
London extraSue Casters (uncredited)
London extraWalter Henry (uncredited)
London extraWilly Bowman (uncredited)
London extraWinnifred Ray (uncredited)
NurseBella Emberg (uncredited)
Research Centre NurseGillian Toll (uncredited)
TechnicianKeith Ashley (uncredited)
TechnicianRonald Gough (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierBryan Nolan (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierJohn Spradbury (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierTerence Denville (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierPierce McEvoy (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierDavid Melbourne (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierRoger Minnis (uncredited)