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The Doctor meets Ace:
The Doctor and Mel are on Iceworld, there they catch up with Glitz and the Doctor's soon to be companion Ace. Glitz has a map which he hope will lead him to some treasre, only trouble is the treasure is guarded by a dragon.

Goodbye Mel, Hello Ace!:
Glitz has claimed Iceworld as his own spacecraft, renamed Nosferatu II, and Mel decides to stay with him to keep him out of trouble. The Doctor asks Ace to be him new companion promising to take her home to Perivale via the "scenic route".

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Exclusive First Look: Mel Leaving Scene
See exclusive footage from Sylvester McCoy's 1987 Doctor Who audition, as scriptwriters discuss how it was adapted to fit Mel's leaving scene in Dragonfire.

Exclusive First Look: Dragonfire cliffhanger
Ace actress Sophie Aldred and director Chris Cough reveal their thoughts on Dragonfire's cliff-hanger ending.

Exclusive First Look: What's Great about Ace
Comedian Josie Long and writers Joe Lidster and Simon Guerrier discuss what they like about characters Ace and Mel in Dragonfire.

Credit: BBC Worldwide