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Episode Two

Episode Two

Series Episode Number: 339

World Premiere: Sat 3 Mar 1973 - 5:53pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 24 minutes 10 seconds

7.80 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 53 () (UK)

Recorded on Tue 03 Oct 1972 in TC4
Archive State: PAL 2 VT

Neither the humans or the Draconians are willing to believe the Doctor and Jo's story that someone is deliberately attempting to provoke a war between Earth and Draconia.

Characters hide uncredited
Dr. WhoJon Pertwee
Jo GrantKaty Manning
President of EarthVera Fusek
General WilliamsMichael Hawkins
Draconian PrincePeter Birrel
GardinerRay Lonnen
KempBarry Ashton
HardyJohn Rees
StewartJames Culliford
NewscasterLouis Mahoney
Draconian Space PilotRoy Pattison
SecretaryKarol Hagar
Cell GuardTimothy Craven (uncredited)
Draconian First SecretaryLaurence Davidson (uncredited)
Stunt ManTerry Walsh (uncredited)
Stunt Double for Dr WhoTerry Walsh (uncredited)
Presidential GuardJim Delaney (uncredited)
Presidential GuardPat Gorman (uncredited)
Presidential GuardJamie Griffin (uncredited)
Presidential GuardSteve Ismay (uncredited)
Presidential GuardClinton Morris (uncredited)
Presidential GuardWolf Von Jurgen (uncredited)
DraconianBill Burridge (uncredited)
DraconianRay Millar (uncredited)
DraconianKevin Moran (uncredited)
DraconianTerry Sartain (uncredited)
DraconianKen Wade (uncredited)
Prison GuardDavid Billa (uncredited)
Prison GuardTerence Denville (uncredited)
Prison GuardEmmett Hennessy (uncredited)
Prison GuardDerek Hunt (uncredited)
Prison GuardBryan Nolan (uncredited)
Prison GuardDennis Plenty (uncredited)
Prison GuardGeorge Ribitt (uncredited)
OgronMaurice Bush (uncredited)
OgronGeoffrey Todd (uncredited)
Earth GuardGeoffrey Witherick (uncredited)
OgronSteve Kelly (uncredited)
OgronBruce Wells (uncredited)
OgronChris Stevens (uncredited)