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The Sound of Drums

The Sound of Drums

Series Episode Number: 736

World Premiere: Sat 23 Jun 2007 - 7:15pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Fri 28 Sep 2007 - 8:00pm EDT [SyFy: East Coast Feed]
Running Time: 46 minutes 10 seconds

7.51 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 87 (UK)

Audience Share: 40% (UK)
Chart Position: 11 () (UK)

Recorded on Fri 16 Feb 2007 in Upper Boat Studios at these locations

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorDavid Tennant
Martha JonesFreema Agyeman
Captain Jack HarknessJohn Barrowman
The MasterJohn Simm
Francine JonesAdjoa Andoh
Tish JonesGugu Mbatha-Raw
Clive JonesTrevor Laird
Leo JonesReggie Yates
Lucy SaxonAlexandra Moen
President WintersColin Stinton
Vivien RookNichola McAuliffe
Albert DumfriesNicholas Gecks
HerselfSharon Osbourne
Himself McFly
HerselfAnn Widdecombe
NewsreaderOlivia Hill
Trinity WellsLachele Carl
Chinese NewsreaderDaniel Ming
Miss DexterElize du Toit
Sphere VoiceJohnnie Lyne-Pirkis
Sphere VoiceZoë Thorne
Sphere VoiceGerard Logan
Stunt Double For The DoctorGordon Seed
Stunt Double For Martha JonesDani Biernat
Stunt Double For Captain Jack HarknessCurtis Rivers
Passer ByJames Young (uncredited)
Passer ByPaul O'Brien (uncredited)
Passer ByNatascha Motee (uncredited)
Passer ByPeter Sheward (uncredited)
Passer ByAlex Archer (uncredited)
Passer ByRob Skidmore (uncredited)
Passer ByKaman Chan (uncredited)
Passer ByAlaina Henderson (uncredited)
Passer ByJon Cecil (uncredited)
Passer ByMartin Richards (uncredited)
Passer ByAnna Shaw (uncredited)
Passer ByHelen Lennox (uncredited)
FuturekindKen Hosking (uncredited)
FuturekindRuari Mears (uncredited)
FuturekindKris Williams (uncredited)
FuturekindElen Thomas (uncredited)
FuturekindEdd Flemming (uncredited)
FuturekindNatalie Cuzner (uncredited)
FuturekindCath McGowan (uncredited)
CampaignerJennifer Pierce (uncredited)
CampaignerLawrence Hayes (uncredited)
CampaignerRajesh Sawhney (uncredited)
CampaignerAndrew Marchant (uncredited)
Dreadlock ManJames Bryne (uncredited)
Armed PoliceBryan Williams (uncredited)
Armed PoliceColin Webb (uncredited)
Armed PoliceMike Freeman (uncredited)
Armed PoliceEddie Martin (uncredited)
StudentClaudio Laurini (uncredited)
MinionJames Young (uncredited)
MinionNatascha Motee (uncredited)
MinionPeter Sheward (uncredited)
PressAlex Archer (uncredited)
PressRob Skidmore (uncredited)
PressKaman Chan (uncredited)
PressAlaina Henderson (uncredited)
PressJon Cecil (uncredited)
PressMartin Richards (uncredited)
PressAnna Shaw (uncredited)
PressHelen Lennox (uncredited)
PressJennifer Pierce (uncredited)
PressLawrence Hayes (uncredited)
PressRajesh Sawhney (uncredited)
PressAndrew Marchant (uncredited)
MinionDerek Appau (uncredited)
MinionElsie May (uncredited)
MinionSabrina Simms (uncredited)
MinionShikira Austin (uncredited)
MinionSally Martin (uncredited)
MinisterGlen Row (uncredited)
MinisterNick Barton (uncredited)
MinisterJohn Herbert (uncredited)
MinisterRichard Atkin (uncredited)
MinisterSean Saye (uncredited)
MinisterMark Lynch (uncredited)
MinisterMatthew Harries (uncredited)
MinisterRakesh Mistry (uncredited)
MinisterPeter Small (uncredited)
MinisterAlphonso Archer (uncredited)
MinisterDurine Howell (uncredited)
MinisterHelen Coles (uncredited)
MinisterDeborah Beeson (uncredited)
MinisterBabette L Hospice (uncredited)
MinisterJoanne Lancastle (uncredited)
TV CrewJunior Ford (uncredited)
TV CrewScott Baker (uncredited)
TV CrewSusan Cecil (uncredited)
HenchmanDavid Cordingley (uncredited)
HenchmanBernie Hodges (uncredited)
PolicemanRichard Harris (uncredited)
PolicemanGerard Morgan (uncredited)
PolicemanAndrew Michell (uncredited)
PolicemanTony Gallagher (uncredited)
PolicemanAnthony Moulton (uncredited)
PolicemanSteve Trenchard (uncredited)
PolicemanGeraint Thomas (uncredited)
PolicemanMark Kelly (uncredited)
NeighbourBarbara Fadden (uncredited)
NeighbourOllie Bryan (uncredited)
NeighbourTyrone Jackson (uncredited)
NeighbourAngharad Thomas (uncredited)
NeighbourHelen Cuthbert (uncredited)
HeavyTat Wa Lay (uncredited)
HeavyDane Bishop (uncredited)
Passer-ByLouise Poolman (uncredited)
Shop StaffWinston Pike (uncredited)
(tbc)Channon Jacobs (uncredited)
HoodieRyan Probert (uncredited)
Time LordJeff Goodwin (uncredited)
Time LordDenzie Phipps (uncredited)
Time LordPhillip Kirk (uncredited)
Young MasterWilliam Hughes (uncredited)
LadGurmail Singh (uncredited)
LadMarc Williams (uncredited)
Presidential AidePaul Burke (uncredited)
Presidential AideGreg Bennett (uncredited)
Presidential AideMartin Kray (uncredited)
Presidential DriverRichard Simpkins (uncredited)
Presidential DriverLee Bradshaw (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierJai Gomer (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierAlan Bond Ballard (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierRichard Turland (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierIan Hilditch (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierKevin Hudson (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierCraig Bowden (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierMarcus Hobbs (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierNigel Hobbs (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierLuke Postians (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierJason Ingram (uncredited)
British SoldierRichard Harris (uncredited)
British SoldierCarl Watson (uncredited)
British SoldierDave Pearce (uncredited)
British SoldierBob Davies (uncredited)
British SoldierGeraint Thomas (uncredited)
British SoldierMark Kelly (uncredited)
British SoldierAndrew Michell (uncredited)
British SoldierGerard Morgan (uncredited)
British SoldierChris Alderman (uncredited)
British SoldierKevin Short (uncredited)
British SoldierSteve Trenchard (uncredited)
British SoldierElfed Price (uncredited)
British SoldierTom Davies (uncredited)
British SoldierKay-D Mills (uncredited)
TanyaEmily Moore (uncredited)
UNIT StaffDavid Newton (uncredited)
UNIT StaffSamantha Link (uncredited)
UNIT StaffMark Jones (uncredited)
Presidential AideJonathan Burnside (uncredited)
AudienceTina Stratford (uncredited)
AudienceVictoria Wilson (uncredited)
AudienceNathan Lewis (uncredited)
AudienceDiane Lukins (uncredited)
AudienceVikki Brustard (uncredited)
AudienceIestyn Bryn Jones (uncredited)
AudienceDale Hitchman (uncredited)
AudienceNigel Burford (uncredited)
AudienceGeraint Wyn Miles (uncredited)
AudiencePaul Burling (uncredited)
AudiencePenny Chamber (uncredited)
Production Team
WriterRussell T Davies
DirectorColin Teague
ProducerPhil Collinson
Executive ProducerRussell T Davies
Executive ProducerJulie Gardner
Production ManagerTracie Simpson
Director of PhotographyRory Taylor
Production DesignerEdward Thomas
EditorMike Hopkins
Prosthetics Millennium FX
Special Effects Any Effects
Visual Effects The Mill
Visual Effects ProducerWill Cohen
Visual Effects ProducerMarie Jones
Visual Effects SupervisorDave Houghton
Incidental MusicMurray Gold
Make-up DesignerBarbara Southcott
Costume DesignerLouise Page
Sound RecordistJulian Howarth
Production AccountantEndaf Emyr Williams
Production AccountantOliver Ager
Production ExecutiveJulie Scott
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor CDG
Title MusicRon Grainer
With thanks to BBC National Orchestra of Wales
First Assistant DirectorPeter Bennett
Second Assistant DirectorSteffan Morris
Third Assistant DirectorSarah Davies
Location ManagerAntonia Grant
Unit ManagerRhys Griffiths
Production CoordinatorJess van Niekerk
Production SecretaryKevin Myers
Production AssistantDebi Griffiths
Floor RunnerHeddi-Joy Taylor
Contracts AssistantKath Blackman
ContinuityNon Eleri Hughes
Script EditorSimon Winstone
Camera Operator (2nd Unit)Erik Wilson
Focus PullerSteve Rees
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Graphics BBC Wales Graphics
Assistant Costume DesignerMarnie Ormiston
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Visual Effects CoordinatorJenna Powell
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Digital Matte PainterSimon Wicker
On Set Visual FX SupervisorBarney Curnow
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Supervising Sound EditorPaul McFadden
Sound EditorDoug Sinclair
Sound FX EditorPaul Jefferies
Finance ManagerChris Rogers
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