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The Doctor Confesses to Yaz:
With the Sea Devils defeated and a promise still to be fulfilled, the Doctor takes Yaz and Dan to the beach.

Swashbuckling Sea Devils!:
The Sea Devils are ready to execute their final plan - but the Doctor and her crew aren't going down without a fight!

A Date Under the Sea:
Searching for answers about Ji-Hun's missing ship, the Doctor and Yaz take a brief detour in the TARDIS to the ocean's depths!

"Not a Bad Date, Am I?":
"Something's missing... No ship, Sherlock!"

Sea Devil Sword Battle!:
Revisit the swashbuckling confrontation between the Doctor and the Sea Devils!

Nathan Evans - Wellerman (Sea Devils Version):
Musician and TikTok star Nathan Evans puts a shanty spin on the Doctor's next sea-faring adventure!

Credit: BBC Studios 

Creating a Pirate Sword Fight:
Team TARDIS become pirates! See behind the epic sword fights in the Doctor’s latest adventure

Jodie Whittaker’s TARDIS Takeaways!:
Jodie Whittaker tells us what would be her TARDIS Takeaways for a break in space and time. What would be yours?

Behind the Sea Devils' Return:
How do you bring back the Sea Devils, and build a whole pirate ship? See behind the scenes of ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’

Credit: BBC Studios 

Legend of the Sea Devils:
Swashbuckle your seatbelts

Credit: BBC Studios