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16 May 2014Comedian and TV host Frank Skinner to guest star in new series of Doctor Who
29 May 2014Foxes to appear in new series of Doctor Who
04 Jun 2014Foxes on her Doctor Who single

Room 101 host Frank Skinner is the latest name confirmed to guest star in an episode of the new series of Doctor Who this Autumn.

Skinner says: "I love this show. I subscribe to Dr Who magazine, I've got a Tardis ringtone, a five-foot cardboard Dalek in my bedroom and when I got the call saying they wanted me to read for the part, I was in the back of my tour bus watching episode three of The Sensorites. I am beyond excited."

He is currently touring the UK with his stand-up show Frank Skinner: Man In A Suit, alongside presenting the Saturday Morning Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio. Skinner previously appeared in the one-off Doctor Who 50th anniversary comedy homage The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer, says: “It's no secret that Frank's been pitching vigorously to get into Doctor Who for a while. He's been volunteering to be 'third monster on the left' as long as I've been in this job. But now, in Jamie Mathieson's sparkling script, we finally have a part that can showcase all of Frank's famous wit and charm. Hopefully he'll get out of my garden now.”

The episode is written by Jamie Mathieson (Being Human, Dirk Gently), directed by Paul Wilmshurst (Strike Back, Combat Kids), and also stars David Bamber, Daisy Beaumont, Janet Henfrey and Christopher Villiers.

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British singer-songwriter Foxes will perform a track and appear in the new series of Doctor Who, which lands this August on BBC One.

Foxes, speaking about her casting said: "I can't believe I'm actually going to be in an episode of Doctor Who! Especially as it all came about from a chance meeting. I was playing a gig and got chatting to the show's production team who'd been watching my performance. I was telling them how much I loved Doctor Who and next thing they invited me to be on it. I couldn't think of a better place to make my acting debut than on one of the UK's most iconic shows!"

Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer, said: "We are completely thrilled that the amazingly talented Foxes is joining us on board ... well, you'll see. Let's just say, the Doctor is finally catching up on his phone calls."

Grammy award-winning Foxes has recently been on tour in the UK, supporting her album Glorious, which recently debuted top 5 in the official album chart. This follows on from her three hit singles - Youth, Let Go For Tonight and Holding Onto Heaven.

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Foxes says the track she will perform on the new series of Doctor Who "might get released" as a single.

Asked if Doctor Who could get an album this year off the back of the track, the singer said: ''You never know''.

The 25-year-old, who is also taking on a role in the show, would not reveal many details about the character she was playing.

"I'm not the villain," she said.

Speaking at the Glamour Women of the Year awards, Foxes, whose real name is Louisa Rose Allen told Newsbeat that she hadn't revealed that she would be appearing in the show to her own mum.

She is hoping to get her own action figure though and added: "Yes, that would be the one, wouldn't it. That's where we want to be. No, it was really exciting, I'm a really big fan so it was great to be able to do that.

The Grammy award winning singer also said she thought the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, was "really exciting and very confident".

She added: "He's got a charisma and a charm that's very exciting and fresh."

Foxes also said she isn't worried about having such a large acting role quite early on in her music career.

"I am going to stick to singing for a while. Because it's Doctor Who, I'm like sod it. It's fine."

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