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New Earth

New Earth

Series Episode Number: 711

World Premiere: Sat 15 Apr 2006 - 7:16pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Fri 29 Sep 2006 - 9:30pm EDT [SyFy: East Coast Feed]
Running Time: 44 minutes 5 seconds

8.62 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 85 (UK)

Audience Share: 40.2% (UK)
Chart Position: 9 () (UK)

Recorded on Mon 01 Aug 2005 in Unit Q2 at these locations

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorDavid Tennant
Rose TylerBillie Piper
Jackie TylerCamille Coduri
Mickey SmithNoel Clarke
CassandraZoë Wanamaker
ChipSean Gallagher
Matron CaspDoña Croll
Duke of ManhattanMichael Fitzgerald
Frau ClovisLucy Robinson
Sister JattAdjoa Andoh
Novice HameAnna Hope
PatientSimon Ludders
Face of Boe (Voice)Struan Rodger
Stunt Double for The DoctorDean Foster
Stunt double for Rose TylerKim McGarrity
Stunt double for Matron CaspDani Biernat
StuntsMaurice Lee
Stunt double for Rose TylerJuliette Cheveley (uncredited)
VisitorSam Stennett (uncredited)
White ManMal Kearney (uncredited)
VisitorPaul Burke (uncredited)
PatientJoanna Crozier (uncredited)
VisitorEmma Powell (uncredited)
PatientRichard Beavis (uncredited)
VisitorPhilippa Daniels (uncredited)
PatientDennis Gregory (uncredited)
PatientJoanna Brown (uncredited)
PatientRick Manning (uncredited)
VisitorElsie May (uncredited)
Cat NunLiza Meggitt (uncredited)
Cat NunHazel Beauchamp (uncredited)
Cat NunJade Kenning (uncredited)
Cat NunNatalie Cuzner (uncredited)
ButlerStuart Ashman (uncredited)
Red LadyClaire Saddler (uncredited)
White ManZeph (uncredited)
Cat NunNia Collier (uncredited)
GuestGareth Dixon (uncredited)
GuestIan Wooley (uncredited)
GuestKevin Hudson (uncredited)
GuestDomenico Balsaco (uncredited)
GuestKwesi Gepi Attee (uncredited)
GuestNate Webb (uncredited)
GuestPeter Simon (uncredited)
GuestJeremy Harvey (uncredited)
GuestSian Gunney (uncredited)
GuestSarah Williams (uncredited)
GuestBecky Evans (uncredited)
GuestSuraya Jima (uncredited)
PatientLucy Hassan (uncredited)
PatientAndy Jackson (uncredited)
PatientNick Godding (uncredited)
PatientLuke Zac (uncredited)
PatientBeth Dibble (uncredited)
PatientNikki White (uncredited)
PatientJeannie Rebane (uncredited)
PatientJason Jones (uncredited)
PatientJohn Evans (uncredited)
Patientjo Dibble (uncredited)
PatientRichard Atkin (uncredited)
PatientSarah Davies (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentRebecca Tromans (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentClaire Bromage (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentJo Ruiz (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentLawrence Channon (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentRichard Heneghan (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentHeidi Scurlock (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentGerard Cooke (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentSophia Day (uncredited)
PatientSteve Whaites (uncredited)
PatientPaul Lofts (uncredited)
PatientPoppie Skold (uncredited)
PatientLinda John (uncredited)
PatientPaul Starsky (uncredited)
PatientFred Smith (uncredited)
PatientAnnie Swainson (uncredited)
Posh MumHelen Irving (uncredited)
Posh DadDavid Bremmer (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentEddie Hunt (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentEryl Vaughan (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentSteve Apelt (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentDavid Hanford (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentSam Varna (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentDeborah Evans (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentBobby Tee (uncredited)
PatientLouisa Davis (uncredited)
PatientJodi Mulcahy (uncredited)
PatientAndrew Hopkins (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentSally Martin (uncredited)
PatientGerard Cooke (uncredited)
Diseased PaitentWilliam Adrian (uncredited)
PatientOliver Hopkins (uncredited)
VisitorRachel Williams (uncredited)
PatientCarl Watson (uncredited)
VisitorMatthew Williams (uncredited)
PatientAsh Croney (uncredited)
Clean PatientElin Griffiths (uncredited)
Clean PatientHannah Emlyn Jones (uncredited)
Clean PatientAbigail Apollonio (uncredited)
Clean PatientGavin Jessop (uncredited)
PatientJohn Walker (uncredited)
VisitorMadog Davies (uncredited)
VisitorOwain Davies (uncredited)
VisitorMarianne Hemming (uncredited)
PatientLouise Harrison (uncredited)
PatientSam Downie (uncredited)
PatientRichard Tromans (uncredited)
PatientRebecca Rendell (uncredited)
PatientJames Saunders (uncredited)
PatientSimon Frost (uncredited)
PatientMelissa Stanton (uncredited)
PatientDiane Lukins (uncredited)
PatientKirsty Alderton (uncredited)
NNYPD CopDave Wong (uncredited)
NNYPD CopGareth Somers (uncredited)
ParamedicMichael Tudor (uncredited)
ParamedicJitka Charyparova (uncredited)
ADRStephen Bracken-Keogh (uncredited)
ADRNina Kitt (uncredited)
ADRPaul Ganny (uncredited)
ADRWendi Sheard (uncredited)
ADRNicholas Wilkes (uncredited)
ADRHannah Welch (uncredited)
ADRDaryl Adcock (uncredited)
ADRJane Kyte Hunt (uncredited)
Production Team include uncredited
WriterRussell T Davies
DirectorJames Hawes
ProducerPhil Collinson
Executive ProducerRussell T Davies
Executive ProducerJulie Gardner
Associate ProducerHelen Vallis
Production ManagerTracie Simpson
Director of PhotographyErnie Vincze BSC
Production DesignerEdward Thomas
EditorLiana Del Giudice
ProstheticsNeill Gorton
Prosthetics Millennium FX
Special Effects Any Effects
Visual Effects SupervisorDave Houghton
Visual Effects ProducerWill Cohen
Visual Effects Designer The Mill
Incidental MusicMurray Gold
Make-up DesignerSheelagh Wells
Costume DesignerLouise Page
Sound RecordistSimon Fraser
Production AccountantEndaf Emyr Williams
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor CDG
Title MusicRon Grainer
With thanks to BBC National Orchestra of Wales
First Assistant DirectorJon Older
Second Assistant DirectorSteffan Morris
Third Assistant DirectorLynsey Muir
Location ManagerLowri Thomas
Location ManagerGareth Skelding
Unit ManagerJustin Gyphion
Production CoordinatorJess van Niekerk
Production/Script SecretaryClaire Roberts
Production RunnerDebbie Meldrum
A/Production AccountantDebi Griffiths
A/Production AccountantKath Blackman
A/Production AccountantBonnie Clissold
ContinuityLlinos Wyn Jones
Script EditorHelen Raynor
Camera OperatorJulian Barber
Focus PullerMark Isaac
Focus PullerTerry Bartlett
GripJohn Robinson
Boom OperatorJeff Welch
GafferMark Hutchings
Best BoyPeter Chester
Stunt coordinatorPeter Brayham
Supervising Art DirectorStephen Nicholas
Art Dept Production ManagerJonathan Marquand Allison
Standby Art DirectorArwel Wyn Jones
Asst Supervising Art DirectorJames North
Design AssistantMatthew Savage
Design AssistantBen Austin
Standby PropsPhil Shellard
Standby PropsTrystan Howell
Standby CarpenterSilas Williams
Standby Senic ArtistLouise Bohling
Set DecoratorJulian Luxton
Property MasterAdrian Anscombe
Production BuyerCatherine Samuel
Props StoremanStuart Wooddisse
Specialist Prop MakerMark Cordory
Prop MakerPenny Howarth
Construction ManagerMatthew Hywel-Davies
Graphics BBC Wales Graphics
Costume SupervisorAnna Lau
Costume AssistantLindsay Bonaccorsi
Costume AssistantBarbara Harrington
Make-Up ArtistAnwen Davies
Make-Up ArtistSteve Smith
Make-Up ArtistMoira Thomson
Casting AssociateAndy Brierley
Assistant EditorCeres Doyle
Post Production SupervisorChris Blatchford
Post Production SupervisorSamantha Hall
Post Production CoordinatorMarie Brown
Online EditorMatthew Clarke
ColouristMick Vincent
3D ArtistChris Petts
3D ArtistPaul Burton
3D ArtistJean-Claude Deguara
3D ArtistNicolas Hernandez
3D ArtistAndy Howell
3D ArtistMatthew McKinney
3D ArtistNeil Roche
3D ArtistChris Tucker
3D ArtistMark Wallman
3D ArtistNick Webber
2D ArtistSara Bennett
2D ArtistDavid Bowman
2D ArtistMelissa Butler-Adams
2D ArtistJoseph Courtis
2D ArtistBronwyn Edwards
2D ArtistSimon C Holden
2D ArtistRussell Horth
2D ArtistKim Phelan
Digital Matte PainterAlex Fort
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Sound EditorPaul McFadden
Sound EditorDoug Sinclair
Sound FX EditorPaul Jefferies
Finance ManagerRichard Pugsley
with thanks to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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