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Part One

Part One

Series Episode Number: 615

World Premiere: Thu 23 Feb 1984 - 6:41pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 30 Dec 1984 - 11:00pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes 26 seconds

7.40 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 71 () (UK)

On the planet Sarn, the truth about the god Logar is being sought, while on Earth, Peri wants a break from her stepfather. But the Master has other plans for everyone...

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorPeter Davison
TurloughMark Strickson
TimanovPeter Wyngarde
KamelionAnthony AinleyInfo
PeriNicola Bryant
SorastaBarbara Shelley
AmyandJames Bate
Professor Howard FosterDallas Adams
Voice of KamelionGerald Flood
MalkonEdward Highmore
RoskalJonathan Caplan
CurtMichael Bangerter
LookoutSimon Sutton
KamelionDallas Adams (uncredited)
KamelionAnthony Ainley (uncredited)
BoatmanMiguel Anse Lopez (uncredited)
BoatmanSeverino Reyes Perdonl (uncredited)
DiverManolo Rodriguez (uncredited)
CitizenIan Marshall-Fisher (uncredited)
CitizenAndy Andreas (uncredited)
CitizenBarbara Burnell (uncredited)
CitizenRobert Smythe (uncredited)
CitizenBrychen Powell (uncredited)
CitizenDavid Payne (uncredited)
CitizenJenny Piper (uncredited)
CitizenJill Goldston (uncredited)
CitizenMary Rennie (uncredited)
CitizenPat Pelton (uncredited)
CitizenPaul Barton (uncredited)
CitizenPenny Lambirth (uncredited)
CitizenRosalind Kendal (uncredited)
CitizenStuart Myers (uncredited)
CitizenValero Martinez (uncredited)
CustomerMrs Bangerter (uncredited)
ElderColin Thomas (uncredited)
ElderDonald Groves (uncredited)
ElderHarry Lewis (uncredited)
ElderTerry Rendal (uncredited)
GuardDavid Rogue (uncredited)
GuardDerek Hunt (uncredited)
GuardRobin Bond (uncredited)
GuardSteven Arnely (uncredited)
PasserCarmelo de Leon Thusado (uncredited)
PasserDominez Hernandez Tornedo (uncredited)
PasserEnrique Romiles Lubgauwa (uncredited)
PasserMigua Aoyes Perdoma (uncredited)
Production Team include uncredited
WriterPeter Grimwade
DirectorFiona Cumming
ProducerJohn Nathan-Turner
DesignerMalcolm Thornton
Script EditorEric Saward
Title SequenceSid Sutton
Costume DesignerJohn Peacock
Make-up DesignerElizabeth Rowell
Lighting DirectorJohn Summers
SoundScott Talbott
Technical CoordinatorAlan Arbuthnott
Camera SupervisorAlec Wheal
Camera SupervisorGeoff Clark
Videotape EditorHugh Parson
Visual Effects DesignerChris Lawson
Video EffectsDave Chapman
Vision MixerDiana Long
Film CameramanJohn Walker
Film SoundJohn Tellick
Film EditorAlastair Mitchell
Production ManagerCorinne Hollingworth
Production AssociateJune Collins
Production AssistantClaire Hughes Smith
Assistant Floor ManagerRobert Evans
Title MusicRon Grainer
Incidental MusicPeter Howell
Special SoundDick Mills
Special Sound BBC Radiophonic Workshop