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Last updated 31 May 2015



Series Episode Number: 2

World Premiere: Sat 10 Apr 2010 - 9:30am AEST [Ten] (Australia)
Running Time: 30 minutes

Having been ‘tagged’ by Jixen slime, Starkey is in hiding from the Department and the Jixen Warrior who survived K-9’s blast. Jorjie encourages Starkey to do something about the Department’s imprisoned aliens and K-9 flies off to investigate. Jorjie’s mother is Department Inspector June Turner, and there is a confrontation as the youngsters and K-9 try to help release the innocent aliens. The Jixen have a long-standing battle with a race called the Merons, who seem to have infiltrated the Department and are extracting DNA from other alien life forms. Starkey confronts the Jixen with dire consequences!