Episode Clips
27 Jul 2013BFI Q&A

Doctor at the gate:
The Doctor encounters a mysterious young girl at Coal Hill School.

Standoff at Totter's lane:
It's 1963 and The Doctor and Ace travel with Dr Rachel Jensen and Sgt. Mike Smith to Trotter's Lane Junkyard where Group Captain Gilmore's men have been attacked by an unidentified assailant. Private Matthews has been killed by a "Death Ray" which has "scrambled" his insides, but who or what is behind it?

"I aimed for the eyepiece!":
Ace and the Doctor come face to face with a Dalek inside Coal Hill School.

The ripple effect:
The Doctor enjoys a mug of FRESH! Tea at John's Cafe and considers the effects decisions have as they ripple out across time.

Born to serve the Daleks:
The Battle Computer turns on Ratcliffe and his men.

Renegade vs Imperials:
As the Renegade Daleks prepare to leave, their base is attacked by Imperials.

The Doctor mocks Davros:
The Imperial Emperor is informed that the Omega Device is in his possession. The Doctor appears on the bridge screen and demands the surrender of the Device. The Emperor is revealed to be Davros, who announces his plans for his Daleks to overthrow the Time Lords. Angered by the Doctor's insults, Davros decides to unleash the device on Skaro's sun.

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Remembrance of the Daleks + Q&A
Sylvester McCoy talks about how he bagged the part of Doctor Who and shares anecdotes from his time on the show with writer Ben Aaronovitch and actor Sophie Aldred, who played his companion.

LinkCredit: British Film Institute