Episode Clips

Revenge of the Cybermen: Highlights:
Relive some highlights of Harry, Sarah Jane and the Fourth Doctor's encounter with the Cybermen on the Nerva Beacon!

Credit: BBC Studios 

Crashing the Beacon! :
The Cybermen leave the Doctor and Sarah Jane on a collision course! Can they prevent the Nerva Beacon from crashing into Voga?

Harry Sullivan is an Imbecile!:
The Doctor, Sarah and Harry travel back to Space Station Nerva in the distant past - where its occupants are suffering a mysterious infection!

Plague on the Nerva Beacon?:
After causing a rock slide, Harry nearly sets off the Doctor's Cyber-bomb! Can they get it together before the Cybermen destroy Voga?

Walking Cyber-Bombs!:
An attempt to get the drop on the Cybermen goes awry - and the Doctor and his allies find themselves at their mercy!

The Cybermen Return!:
Upon learning that Nerva is orbiting an asteroid called Voga, the Doctor suspects the involvement of the Cybermen!

We Shall Not Fail!:
The Cybermen reveal their plan to destroy Voga once and for all - but Harry and Sarah Jane are still on its surface!

The Cybermen Invade Nerva:
As Harry and Sarah attempt to escape the Vogans, the Doctor and the crew of the Nerva have bigger problems - Cybermen!

Cybermat Attack!:
Sarah Jane gets bitten by a Cybermat! Can Harry and the Doctor save her from its poison?

Credit: BBC Studios