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The Trip of a Lifetime with the Ninth Doctor
To celebrate ten years since the arrival of the Ninth Doctor on our screens, we've unearthed this fantastic TV trailer for the 2005 return of Doctor Who .
Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Russell T Davies on Doctor Who's return
With the runaway success of Queer as Folk under his belt, Russell T Davies speaks about the meetings he attended with the BBC, where the future return of Doctor Who began to take shape. With contributions from former showrunner Russell T Davies and former BBC Controller of Drama Jane Tranter, this clip is taken from Dr Forever! The Unquiet Dead, which can be seen in full on Doctor Who: The Green Death Special Edition DVD release.

Chris and Billie's First Big Scene Together
July 2004, the day when Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper were recording their first big dialogue scene in Central London. Taken from Doctor Who Confidential Series 1.

Behind the Scenes: Murray Gold
Notes from the Doctor Who composer.

Murray Gold
The series composer speaks about honoring Delia Derbyshire's groundbreaking theme.

Designing the TARDIS
Edward Thomas explains the process of designing the interior of the TARDIS for when the show came back on our screens in 2005

Peter Capaldi Remembers Rose
To mark a decade of New Doctor Who and to mark the occasion Peter Capaldi remembers Rose, first broadcast ten years ago

Lucy Wright
How to cut it with costume designer Lucinda Wright.

LinkCredit: BBC 

Ninth Doctor Titles
Christopher Eccleston's title sequence, which ran during 2005: Rose to The Parting of the Ways

Christopher Eccleston's first Doctor Who scene
Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor. She is faced with a choice; return to her normal life or join him on an extraordinary journey. This was Christopher Eccleston's first scene as The Doctor.

"Lot's of planets have a North!"
Rose quizzes the Doctor about his accent

"Is it always this dangerous?"
At the end of their first adventure together The Doctor offers Rose an impossible choice.