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Part One

Part One

Series Episode Number: 607

World Premiere: Thu 19 Jan 1984 - 6:41pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 9 Dec 1984 - 11:00pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 25 minutes 18 seconds

7.90 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 65 (UK)

Chart Position: 61 () (UK)

Teacher Jane Hampden is increasingly frustrated by the war games being played around the village, but the Doctor is more alarmed to find a boy transported from the 17th century

Production Team hide uncredited
WriterEric Pringle
DirectorMichael Owen Morris
ProducerJohn Nathan-Turner
DesignerBarry Newbery
Script EditorEric Saward
Title SequenceSid Sutton
Costume DesignerJackie Southern
Make-up ArtistAnn Ailes
Studio LightingPeter Catlett
Studio SoundMartin Ridout
Technical ManagerAlan Arbuthnott
Camera SupervisorAlec Wheal
Videotape EditorHugh Parson
Visual Effects DesignerTony Harding
Video EffectsDave Chapman
Video EffectsDave Jervis
Vision MixerPaul Wheeler
Film CameramanPaul Wheeler
Film SoundBryan Showell
Film EditorM A C Adams
Production ManagerMike Hudson
Production ManagerLiz Trubridge
Production AssociateJune Collins
Production AssistantRosemary Parsons
Assistant Floor ManagerMarcus D F White
Title MusicRon Grainer
Special SoundDick Mills
Incidental MusicPeter Howell
Special Sound BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Grams OperatorJohn Downes (uncredited)
Floor AssistantGarrie Mallen (uncredited)
Show Working SupervisorFrank Sadler (uncredited)
GraphicsIan Hewett (uncredited)
Visual Effects AssistantGeorge Reed (uncredited)
Visual Effects AssistantMartin Geeson (uncredited)
Props BuyerPeter Sporle (uncredited)
Film Operations ManagerGraham Richmond (uncredited)
Film OperationsJim Hughes (uncredited)
Film OperationsRon Gowland (uncredited)
Film OperationsLionel Bailey (uncredited)
Film Sound AssistantRos Farncombe (uncredited)
Lighting GafferPeter Robinson (uncredited)
GripIan Buckley (uncredited)
Design AssistantJonathan Taylor (uncredited)
Make-Up AssistantMichelle Daniel (uncredited)
Make-Up AssistantJanet Phillips (uncredited)
DresserBob Eltringham (uncredited)
DresserRay Greenhill (uncredited)
DresserIsabelle Harris (uncredited)
DresserAmelia Davies (uncredited)
Production SecretaryJane Judge (uncredited)
Artist BookingSarah Bird (uncredited)
Supporting Artists BookerSheila Hodges (uncredited)
Title Music ArrangerPeter Howell (uncredited)