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Episode Two

Episode Two

Series Episode Number: 290

World Premiere: Sat 20 Mar 1971 - 5:15pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Wed 26 Nov 1975 - 6:30pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes

8.00 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 43 () (UK)

Recorded on Sat 23 Jan 1971 in TC3
Archive State: RSC conver

The Master is in league with the Axons who intend to consume Earth. The Doctor subjects Axonite to tests and discovers the terrible truth.

Characters hide uncredited
Doctor WhoJon Pertwee
Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartNicholas Courtney
The MasterRoger Delgado
Jo GrantKaty Manning
Mike YatesRichard Franklin
Sergeant BentonJohn Levene
ChinnPeter Bathurst
FilerPaul Grist
HardimanDonald Hewlett
WinserDavid Savile
Axon ManBernard Holley
Captain HarkerTim Pigott-Smith
1st Radar OperatorMichael Walker
2nd Radar OperatorDavid G March
Axon WomanPatricia Gordino
Nuton DriverNick Hobbs (uncredited)
The MinisterKenneth Benda (uncredited)
Stunt DoubleNick Hobbs (uncredited)
Axon Woman (stunts)Sue Crosland (uncredited)
Stunt ManJack Cooper (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierRoy Brent (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierBill Hughes (uncredited)
Civil ServantPierce McAvey (uncredited)
Civil ServantIan Munro (uncredited)
SecretaryGloria Walker (uncredited)
Stunt ManSteve Emerson (uncredited)
Stunt ManStuart Fell (uncredited)
Stunt ManReg Harding (uncredited)
Stunt ManDerek Martin (uncredited)