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Escape Switch

Escape Switch

Series Episode Number: 100

World Premiere: Sat 15 Jan 1966 - 5:50pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 23 minutes 37 seconds

9.50 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 50 (UK)

Chart Position: 37 () (UK)

Recorded on Fri 31 Dec 1965 in Television Centre 3
Archive State: 16mm t/r

Steven and Sara are held hostage by the Daleks who demand that the Doctor hand over the vital taranium core, or his companions will be exterminated.

Characters hide uncredited
Dr. WhoWilliam Hartnell
Steven TaylorPeter Purves
Sara KingdomJean Marsh
Mavic ChenKevin Stoney
The Meddling MonkPeter Butterworth
KheprenJeffrey Isaac
TuthmosDerek Ware
HyksosWalter Randall
Dalek OperatorGerald Taylor
Dalek OperatorKevin Manser
Dalek OperatorJohn Scott Martin
Dalek OperatorRobert Jewell
Dalek VoicePeter Hawkins
Dalek VoiceDavid Graham
Egyptian SoldierValentino Musetti (uncredited)
Egyptian SoldierBarry Noble (uncredited)
(extra)Agit Chauhan (uncredited)
(extra)Clay Hunter (uncredited)
(extra)Andrew Andreas (uncredited)
Egyptian SlaveAnthony Lang (uncredited)
(extra)Glen Whitter (uncredited)
(extra)Jack Pitt (uncredited)
(extra)Michael Lawrence (uncredited)
(extra)Russell Scott (uncredited)
(extra)John Daye (uncredited)
(extra)Paul Sinclair (uncredited)
(extra)Alan Walling (uncredited)