Last updated 31 May 2015

The Fall of the House of Gryffen

Series Episode Number: 7

World Premiere: Sat 15 May 2010 - 9:30am AEST [Ten] (Australia)
Running Time: 30 minutes

Darius, Starkey and Jorjie spend a very spooky evening at Gryffen’s mansion. June gives Jorjie permission to stay until a violent storm passes. Gryffen has been working on the STM, and a bolt of alien energy starts up the machine and brings spectres from Gryffen’s past materialising in the mansion, causing mayhem. K-9 sees the ‘ghosts’ for what they really are, and the group have to convince Gryffen before the youngsters’ life forces are drained away so that the alien energy beings can take human form.