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Part Three

Part Three

Series Episode Number: 524

World Premiere: Sat 5 Jan 1980 - 6:21pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Fri 26 Oct 2001 - 10:30pm CDT [Prairie Public Television]
Running Time: 23 minutes 26 seconds

9.80 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 40 () (UK)

Trapped inside the power complex, the Doctor and Romana begin to suspect that the Nimon is only the first of a full scale invasion.

Characters hide uncredited
Doctor WhoTom Baker
RomanaLalla Ward
SoldeedGraham Crowden
SorakMichael Osborne
TekaJanet Ellis
SethSimon Gipps-Kent
Co PilotMalcolm Terris
NimonRobin Sherringham
Voice of K-9David Brierley
Voice of the NimonClifford Norgate
Anethan sacrificesDaniel Tabori (uncredited)
Anethan sacrificesKaty Jarret (uncredited)
Anethan sacrificesNicholas Drake (uncredited)
Anethan sacrificesRachael Wheeler (uncredited)
Anethan sacrificesZena Daire (uncredited)
NimonBob Appleby (uncredited)
NimonTrevor St. John Hacker (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderDavid Harris (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderDerek Chafer (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderDonald Groves (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderEric French (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderPeter Jackson (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderRay Lavender (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderRobert Barker (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderRonald Mayer (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderRoy Brent (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderRoy Selley (uncredited)
Skonnan ElderTrevor Wedlock (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardDavid Glen (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardDerek Suthern (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardEdmund Thomas (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardJim Delancy (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardJoe Santo (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardNorman Bradley (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardPaul Barton (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardPeter Roy (uncredited)
Skonnan GuardTerry Curry (uncredited)