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Last updated 18 July 2015

Part Four

Part Four

Series Episode Number: 529

World Premiere: Sat 20 Sep 1980 - 6:15pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Tue 24 Mar 2015 - 8:30pm EDT [Retro TV]
Running Time: 21 minutes 19 seconds

4.50 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 65 (UK)

Chart Position: 111 () (UK)

The obsessed Pangol is determined to give Argolis a future with himself as the leader of the reborn race. He plans to strike back at the Foamasi.

Characters hide uncredited
Doctor WhoTom Baker
RomanaLalla Ward
MenaAdrienne Corri
PangolDavid Haig
HardinNigel Lambert
BrockJohn Colin
VargosMartin Fisk
FoamasiAndrew Lane
GuideRoy Montague
Tannoy VoiceHarriet Reynolds
KloutIan Talbot
(extra)Maurice Connor (uncredited)
(extra)Mike Handley (uncredited)
(extra)Ridgewell Hawkes (uncredited)
(extra)David Korff (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyRay Lavender (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyMichael Leader (uncredited)
(extra)Mames Muir (uncredited)
(extra)Annette Peters (uncredited)
(extra)Mary Rennie (uncredited)
(extra)Mike Reynell (uncredited)
(extra)Jenny Roberts (uncredited)
(extra)Ken Sedd (uncredited)
(extra)Douglas Stark (uncredited)
(extra)Derek Suthern (uncredited)
(extra)Jeff Wayne (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyDouglas Auchterlonie (uncredited)
(extra)David Bulbeck (uncredited)
(extra)Derek Chafer (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyDavid Cole (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyTim Goodings (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyBruce Guest (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyEric Hamilton (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyBobby James (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyRay Knight (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyMark Middler (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyMike Mungarvan (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyStuart Myers (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyKevin O'Brien (uncredited)
(extra)Timothy Oldroyd (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyHarry Payne (uncredited)
(extra)Douglas Roe (uncredited)
(extra)David Rolfe (uncredited)
(extra)Roy Seeley (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyHarry Van Engel (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyLeslie Weekes (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyGeoffrey Whitestone (uncredited)
Pangol ArmyReg Woods (uncredited)
Baby PangolAlys Dyer (uncredited)