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Matt Smith Christmas Message
Matt Smith wishes Doctor Who fans everywhere a happy Christmas and looks forward to an exciting 2013.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Eleventh Doctor Titles Version 2
Matt Smith's second title sequence which ran from 2012-2013: The Snowmen to The Time of the Doctor.

Clara meets The Doctor
The Doctor, still despondent after losing his former companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, has parked his TARDIS in Victorian London. He uses his allies Vastra, Jenny, and Strax to keep people away from him. Elsewhere, a young and beautiful woman named Clara hears a noise outside her tavern...

The one word test
Clara meets the mysterious Madame Vastra and learns more about the Doctor.

Strax & the memory worm
Not wishing to find another companion, the Doctor instructs Strax to bring him a memory worm that will erase the last hour of Clara's memories with just a touch. After Strax unwittingly erases his own memory instead (twice), the Doctor retrieves the worm himself. However, Snowmen form and surround them...

Smaller on the outside
The Doctor and Clara flee Dr. Simeon and his Snowmen to the roof, still pursued by the Ice Governess. Clara discovers the Doctor's retreat above the clouds and the amazing TARDIS.

The Ice Governess attacks
The Ice Governess attacks the children in Clara's care. Lucky Punch is on hand to explode her with a sonic screwdriver. That's the way to do it!

Clara Dies on Christmas Day
Dr Simeon, now fully under the control of the Great Intelligence attempts to freeze the Doctor. Meanwhile the Latimer family weep for the dying Clara.

Credit: BBC Worldwide