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Episode 1

Episode 1

Series Episode Number: 145

World Premiere: Sat 14 Jan 1967 - 5:49pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 24 minutes 18 seconds

8.30 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 48 (UK)

Chart Position: 43 () (UK)

Recorded on Fri 14 Jan 1966 in Riverside 1
Archive State: Missing

The travellers find themselves deep below the Earth's surface, in the lost city of Atlantis. The Doctor meets the mad Professor Zaroff and Polly is to be turned into a fish person.

Characters hide uncredited
Dr. WhoPatrick Troughton
PollyAnneke Wills
BenMichael Craze
JamieFrazer Hines
AraCatherine Howe
RamoTom Watson
LolemPeter Stephens
DamonColin Jeavons
ZaroffJoseph Furst
Atlantean GuardMichael Earl (uncredited)
Atlantean GuardDean Hardy (uncredited)
Atlantean GuardDerek Hunt (uncredited)
Atlantean GuardKeith Ashley (uncredited)
Zaroff GuardAlex Donald (uncredited)
Zaroff GuardTony Douglas (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestDenis Redwood (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestDavid Waterman (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestLeonard Kingston (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestPeter Stockbridge (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestLawrence Archer (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestReg Cranfield (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestBob Raymond (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestFred Davis (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestDaroll Richards (uncredited)
Atlantean PriestStanely Jacomb (uncredited)
Child PriestAnthony Kemp (uncredited)
Child PriestGary O'Brien (uncredited)
Child PriestSamuel Durleigh (uncredited)
Child PriestShane Younger (uncredited)
Fish PersonCathy Ash (uncredited)
Fish PersonJudy Nicholls (uncredited)
Half-Fish Person (flying)Mary McMillan (uncredited)
Fish PersonPerin Lewis (uncredited)
Half-Fish Person (flying)Tony Starr (uncredited)
Fish PersonNigel Clayton (uncredited)
Fish PersonDerek Calder (uncredited)