Doctor Doctor Who Guide


Seventh Doctor Titles:
Sylvester McCoy's title sequence which ran from 1987-89: Time and the Rani to Survival.

Sixth Doctor regenerates:
The TARDIS, under attack from the Rani, is forced to crash land leaving the Doctor with fatal injuries.

The Doctor wakes up in Rani's lab:
The Doctor encounters the Rani when he regains consciousness in her laboratory. Great clip from classic BBC show Doctor Who - Time and the Rani.

The Doctor and Mel re-unite:
The Doctor mistakes Mel for the Rani and his true identity is in question thanks to his regeneration.

The Doctor is captured:
The Rani's helpers capture the Doctor and place him inside his cabinet. Can Mel save the day?

The giant brain - will Rani succeed?:
Will the Rani succeed in her plan to create a time manipulator using a giant brain, or can Mel and the Doctor stop her?

Credit: BBC Worldwide