Episode Clips

Seventh Doctor Titles:
Sylvester McCoy's title sequence which ran from 1987-89: Time and the Rani to Survival.

Sixth Doctor regenerates:
The TARDIS, under attack from the Rani, is forced to crash land leaving the Doctor with fatal injuries.

From Liverpool to Sebastopol, revisit the Sontaran's battle through time and space against not just the Flux, but everyone else!

The Doctor wakes up in Rani's lab:
The Doctor encounters the Rani when he regains consciousness in her laboratory. Great clip from classic BBC show Doctor Who - Time and the Rani.

The Seventh Doctor's New Clothes:
With the help of the Rani (disguised as Mel), the Doctor picks out a new look for his new incarnation!

The Doctor and Mel re-unite:
The Doctor mistakes Mel for the Rani and his true identity is in question thanks to his regeneration.

The Doctor is captured:
The Rani's helpers capture the Doctor and place him inside his cabinet. Can Mel save the day?

Caught in the Rani's Trap:
As the Rani continues to deceive the Doctor in disguise, the real Mel struggles to escape one of her traps!

Mel - Or the Rani?:
The Doctor has finally seen the Rani for who she is - but now will he recognise the real Mel?

The giant brain - will Rani succeed?:
Will the Rani succeed in her plan to create a time manipulator using a giant brain, or can Mel and the Doctor stop her?

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Left Turn! :
The Doctor and Mel trap the Rani in her own machine! Can they foil her plans before the Tetraps and Lakertyans are both destroyed?

Stealing the Doctor's Brain!:
The Rani has both the Doctor and Mel held captive - and intends to use the Doctor's brain in her plans!

The Seventh Doctor is Here! :
A freshly-regenerated Doctor wakes up to find himself at the mercy of a rival Time Lord - the Rani!

The Tetraps Attack:
As the Doctor makes efforts to sabotage the Rani's plans, Mel has a run-in with her Tetrap henchmen!

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Season 24 Trailer
To celebrate the release of Season 24 on Blu-ray on June 21st, we asked Benjamin Cook to make a cinematic trailer for the Seventh Doctor's debut season!

A Business Proposal for Mel!
The Seventh Doctor's first season is the next instalment in the Collection Blu-ray range!

Credit: BBC Studios