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The Doctor escapes an acid bath
Peri has been brought to the control center in the company of the Governor, Sil and the other officers. They question her as she watches them bring the Doctor's body to an acid bath for disposal. But is the Doctor dead?

Video nasties
Zeiton-7 is an exceptionally rare ore that only comes from one plant Varos. The Governor of Varos must negotiate a higher price for the ore with Sil the representative of the Galatron Mining Corporation.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Exclusive First Look: Writing for Doctor Who
Eric Saward, script editor for Vengeance on Varos discusses the difficulties of writing for Doctor Who. Was it aimed at adults? Would Harold Pinter have written a successful Doctor Who story?

Exclusive First Look: Sil
Nabil Shaban talks about getting into character... literally. Nabil recalls the effort required to complete his transformation into Sil and the origin of that laugh.

Credit: BBC Worldwide