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Episode Title⇧ DateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
501The Armageddon Factor: Part TwoSat27 Jan 19796:27pm00:23:568.80m49
502The Armageddon Factor: Part ThreeSat3 Feb 19796:28pm00:25:027.80m76
503The Armageddon Factor: Part FourSat10 Feb 19796:27pm00:25:098.60m60
504The Armageddon Factor: Part FiveSat17 Feb 19796:26pm00:24:428.60m66
505The Armageddon Factor: Part SixSat24 Feb 19796:29pm00:25:099.60m6636
506Destiny of the Daleks: Episode OneSat1 Sep 19796:13pm00:24:0313.00m6728
507Destiny of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat8 Sep 19796:09pm00:25:1412.70m39
508Destiny of the Daleks: Episode ThreeSat15 Sep 19796:08pm00:24:3213.80m6328
509Destiny of the Daleks: Episode FourSat22 Sep 19796:17pm00:26:0514.40m6427
510City of Death: Part OneSat29 Sep 19796:06pm00:25:0012.40m50
511City of Death: Part TwoSat6 Oct 19796:17pm00:25:0014.10m6444
512City of Death: Part ThreeSat13 Oct 19796:04pm00:25:0015.40m34
513City of Death: Part FourSat20 Oct 19796:16pm00:25:0016.10m6416
514The Creature from the Pit: Part OneSat27 Oct 19796:02pm00:23:329.30m43
515The Creature from the Pit: Part TwoSat3 Nov 19796:07pm00:24:0310.80m6723
516The Creature from the Pit: Part ThreeSat10 Nov 19796:02pm00:23:5510.20m36
517The Creature from the Pit: Part FourSat17 Nov 19796:03pm00:24:079.60m36
518Nightmare of Eden: Part OneSat24 Nov 19796:01pm00:24:178.70m41
519Nightmare of Eden: Part TwoSat1 Dec 19796:04pm00:22:449.60m31
520Nightmare of Eden: Part ThreeSat8 Dec 19796:03pm00:24:069.60m32
521Nightmare of Eden: Part FourSat15 Dec 19795:56pm00:24:319.40m6532
522The Horns of Nimon: Part OneSat22 Dec 19796:11pm00:25:416.00m100
523The Horns of Nimon: Part TwoSat29 Dec 19795:54pm00:25:008.80m56
524The Horns of Nimon: Part ThreeSat5 Jan 19806:21pm00:23:269.80m40
525The Horns of Nimon: Part FourSat12 Jan 19806:06pm00:26:4510.40m6726
526The Leisure Hive: Part OneSat30 Aug 19806:14pm00:23:335.90m77
527The Leisure Hive: Part TwoSat6 Sep 19806:20pm00:20:455.00m103
528The Leisure Hive: Part ThreeSat13 Sep 19805:57pm00:21:215.00m111
529The Leisure Hive: Part FourSat20 Sep 19806:15pm00:21:194.50m65111
530Meglos: Part OneSat27 Sep 19806:16pm00:24:435.00m61105
531Meglos: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19806:17pm00:21:244.20m64139
532Meglos: Part ThreeSat11 Oct 19805:42pm00:21:194.70m129
533Meglos: Part FourSat18 Oct 19805:44pm00:19:304.70m63127
534Full Circle: Part OneSat25 Oct 19805:40pm00:24:235.90m106
535Full Circle: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:113.70m170
536Full Circle: Part ThreeSat8 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:005.90m115
537Full Circle: Part FourSat15 Nov 19805:40pm00:24:165.50m65127
538State of Decay: Part OneSat22 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:245.80m119
539State of Decay: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19805:41pm00:23:165.30m136
540State of Decay: Part ThreeSat6 Dec 19805:40pm00:24:134.40m145
541State of Decay: Part FourSat13 Dec 19805:39pm00:24:545.40m69125
542Warriors' Gate: Part OneSat3 Jan 19815:20pm00:22:547.10m5988
543Warriors' Gate: Part TwoSat10 Jan 19815:09pm00:23:476.70m93
544Warriors' Gate: Part ThreeSat17 Jan 19815:11pm00:22:158.30m59
545Warriors' Gate: Part FourSat24 Jan 19815:09pm00:24:537.80m5969
546The Keeper of Traken: Part OneSat31 Jan 19815:09pm00:24:057.60m72
547The Keeper of Traken: Part TwoSat7 Feb 19815:08pm00:24:506.10m106
548The Keeper of Traken: Part ThreeSat14 Feb 19815:09pm00:23:495.20m112
549The Keeper of Traken: Part FourSat21 Feb 19815:12pm00:25:116.10m63103
550Logopolis: Part OneSat28 Feb 19815:09pm00:24:327.10m84
551Logopolis: Part TwoSat7 Mar 19815:09pm00:24:037.70m6157
552Logopolis: Part ThreeSat14 Mar 19815:11pm00:24:325.80m102
553Logopolis: Part FourSat21 Mar 19815:09pm00:25:106.10m6597
554Castrovalva: Part OneMon4 Jan 19826:56pm00:24:149.10m54
555Castrovalva: Part TwoTue5 Jan 19827:02pm00:24:138.60m84
556Castrovalva: Part ThreeMon11 Jan 19826:55pm00:23:3510.20m47
557Castrovalva: Part FourTue12 Jan 19827:05pm00:24:1210.40m46
558Four To Doomsday: Part OneMon18 Jan 19826:56pm00:23:368.40m66
559Four To Doomsday: Part TwoTue19 Jan 19827:05pm00:24:118.80m61
560Four To Doomsday: Part ThreeMon25 Jan 19826:56pm00:24:098.80m63
561Four To Doomsday: Part FourTue26 Jan 19827:06pm00:24:539.40m53
562Kinda: Part OneMon1 Feb 19826:57pm00:24:508.40m78
563Kinda: Part TwoTue2 Feb 19827:04pm00:24:589.40m45
564Kinda: Part ThreeMon8 Feb 19826:56pm00:24:178.50m67
565Kinda: Part FourTue9 Feb 19827:05pm00:24:288.90m56
566The Visitation: Part OneMon15 Feb 19826:57pm00:24:119.10m54
567The Visitation: Part TwoTue16 Feb 19827:05pm00:24:269.30m48
568The Visitation: Part ThreeMon22 Feb 19826:57pm00:24:249.90m41
569The Visitation: Part FourTue23 Feb 19827:05pm00:23:3210.10m40
570Black Orchid: Part OneMon1 Mar 19826:56pm00:24:569.90m57
571Black Orchid: Part TwoTue2 Mar 19827:04pm00:24:4110.10m55
572Earthshock: Part OneMon8 Mar 19826:56pm00:24:229.10m45
573Earthshock: Part TwoTue9 Mar 19827:05pm00:24:238.80m50
574Earthshock: Part ThreeMon15 Mar 19826:57pm00:24:249.80m32
575Earthshock: Part FourTue16 Mar 19827:03pm00:24:289.60m40
576Time-Flight: Part OneMon22 Mar 19826:57pm00:24:5610.00m26
577Time-Flight: Part TwoTue23 Mar 19827:05pm00:23:588.50m48
578Time-Flight: Part ThreeMon29 Mar 19826:56pm00:24:298.90m46
579Time-Flight: Part FourTue30 Mar 19826:51pm00:24:308.10m64
580Arc of Infinity: Part OneMon3 Jan 19836:45pm00:24:377.20m6974
581Arc of Infinity: Part TwoWed5 Jan 19836:46pm00:24:427.30m7066
582Arc of Infinity: Part ThreeTue11 Jan 19836:51pm00:24:376.90m6789
583Arc of Infinity: Part FourWed12 Jan 19836:46pm00:24:287.20m6682
584Snakedance: Part OneTue18 Jan 19836:50pm00:24:266.70m6595
585Snakedance: Part TwoWed19 Jan 19836:46pm00:24:357.70m6675
586Snakedance: Part ThreeTue25 Jan 19836:50pm00:24:296.60m6766
587Snakedance: Part FourWed26 Jan 19836:44pm00:24:297.40m6774
588Mawdryn Undead: Part OneTue1 Feb 19836:50pm00:24:036.50m67103
589Mawdryn Undead: Part TwoWed2 Feb 19836:46pm00:24:337.50m7083
590Mawdryn Undead: Part ThreeTue8 Feb 19836:49pm00:24:327.40m6784
591Mawdryn Undead: Part FourWed9 Feb 19836:47pm00:24:337.70m6878
592Terminus: Part OneTue15 Feb 19836:54pm00:24:586.80m6586
593Terminus: Part TwoWed16 Feb 19836:46pm00:24:407.50m6775
594Terminus: Part ThreeTue22 Feb 19836:54pm00:24:396.50m6497
595Terminus: Part FourWed23 Feb 19836:46pm00:24:497.40m6780
596Enlightenment: Part OneTue1 Mar 19836:55pm00:24:126.60m6789
597Enlightenment: Part TwoWed2 Mar 19836:45pm00:24:237.20m6576
598Enlightenment: Part ThreeTue8 Mar 19836:54pm00:24:406.20m6899
599Enlightenment: Part FourWed9 Mar 19836:46pm00:24:347.30m7068
600The King's Demons: Part OneTue15 Mar 19836:55pm00:24:485.80m65107