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Episode Title⇧ DateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
601The King's Demons: Part TwoWed16 Mar 19836:47pm00:24:277.20m6366
602The Five DoctorsFri25 Nov 19837:20pm01:30:237.70m7554
603Warriors of the Deep: Part OneThu5 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:487.60m6551
604Warriors of the Deep: Part TwoFri6 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:047.50m6452
605Warriors of the Deep: Part ThreeThu12 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:027.30m6274
606Warriors of the Deep: Part FourFri13 Jan 19846:40pm00:24:486.60m6587
607The Awakening: Part OneThu19 Jan 19846:41pm00:25:187.90m6561
608The Awakening: Part TwoFri20 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:476.60m6384
609Frontios: Part OneThu26 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:398.00m6658
610Frontios: Part TwoFri27 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:355.80m69115
611Frontios: Part ThreeThu2 Feb 19846:40pm00:24:307.80m6559
612Frontios: Part FourFri3 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:265.60m65112
613Resurrection of the Daleks: Part OneWed8 Feb 19846:49pm00:46:247.30m6973
614Resurrection of the Daleks: Part TwoWed15 Feb 19846:52pm00:46:528.00m6553
615Planet of Fire: Part OneThu23 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:267.40m71
616Planet of Fire: Part TwoFri24 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:206.10m102
617Planet of Fire: Part ThreeThu1 Mar 19846:41pm00:23:577.40m67
618Planet of Fire: Part FourFri2 Mar 19846:41pm00:24:447.00m74
619The Caves of Androzani: Part OneThu8 Mar 19846:41pm00:24:336.90m6566
620The Caves of Androzani: Part TwoFri9 Mar 19846:41pm00:25:006.60m75
621The Caves of Androzani: Part ThreeThu15 Mar 19846:42pm00:24:367.80m6562
622The Caves of Androzani: Part FourFri16 Mar 19846:41pm00:25:377.80m6862
623The Twin Dilemma: Part OneThu22 Mar 19846:41pm00:24:427.60m6166
624The Twin Dilemma: Part TwoFri23 Mar 19846:41pm00:25:097.40m6671
625The Twin Dilemma: Part ThreeThu29 Mar 19846:41pm00:24:277.00m5959
626The Twin Dilemma: Part FourFri30 Mar 19846:43pm00:25:047.30m6767
627Attack of the Cybermen: Part OneSat5 Jan 19855:22pm00:44:178.90m6171
628Attack of the Cybermen: Part TwoSat12 Jan 19855:22pm00:44:297.20m65104
629Vengeance on Varos: Part OneSat19 Jan 19855:21pm00:44:427.20m63110
630Vengeance on Varos: Part TwoSat26 Jan 19855:21pm00:44:437.00m65108
631The Mark of the Rani: Part OneSat2 Feb 19855:21pm00:45:016.30m64111
632The Mark of the Rani: Part TwoSat9 Feb 19855:21pm00:44:327.30m6484
633The Two Doctors: Part OneSat16 Feb 19855:22pm00:44:226.60m6592
634The Two Doctors: Part TwoSat23 Feb 19855:21pm00:44:496.00m6290
635The Two Doctors: Part ThreeSat2 Mar 19855:23pm00:44:456.90m6566
636Timelash: Part OneSat9 Mar 19855:22pm00:45:006.70m6669
637Timelash: Part TwoSat16 Mar 19855:21pm00:44:367.40m6479
638Revelation of the Daleks: Part OneSat23 Mar 19855:21pm00:44:317.40m6765
639Revelation of the Daleks: Part TwoSat30 Mar 19855:22pm00:45:277.70m6558
640The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part OneSat6 Sep 19865:46pm00:24:574.90m7269
641The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part TwoSat13 Sep 19865:46pm00:24:444.90m6975
642The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part ThreeSat20 Sep 19865:47pm00:24:183.90m7098
643The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part FourSat27 Sep 19865:46pm00:24:203.70m7297
644The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part FiveSat4 Oct 19865:47pm00:24:424.80m7176
645The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part SixSat11 Oct 19865:45pm00:24:454.60m6987
646The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part SevenSat18 Oct 19865:47pm00:24:335.10m6687
647The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part EightSat25 Oct 19865:47pm00:24:445.00m7284
648The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part NineSat1 Nov 19865:47pm00:24:565.20m6685
649The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part TenSat8 Nov 19865:45pm00:24:184.60m6993
650The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part ElevenSat15 Nov 19865:46pm00:24:075.30m6986
651The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part TwelveSat22 Nov 19865:45pm00:24:455.20m6989
652The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part ThirteenSat29 Nov 19865:19pm00:24:424.40m6998
653The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part FourteenSat6 Dec 19865:45pm00:29:305.60m6980
654Time and the Rani: Part OneMon7 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:445.10m5871
655Time and the Rani: Part TwoMon14 Sep 19877:34pm00:24:364.20m6385
656Time and the Rani: Part ThreeMon21 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:234.30m5781
657Time and the Rani: Part FourMon28 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:384.90m5986
658Paradise Towers: Part OneMon5 Oct 19877:34pm00:24:334.50m6188
659Paradise Towers: Part TwoMon12 Oct 19877:37pm00:24:395.20m5884
660Paradise Towers: Part ThreeMon19 Oct 19877:36pm00:24:305.00m5879
661Paradise Towers: Part FourMon26 Oct 19877:35pm00:24:215.00m5793
662Delta and the Bannermen: Part OneMon2 Nov 19877:34pm00:24:475.30m6390
663Delta and the Bannermen: Part TwoMon9 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:235.10m6093
664Delta and the Bannermen: Part ThreeMon16 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:225.40m6087
665Dragonfire: Part OneMon23 Nov 19877:37pm00:24:015.50m6180
666Dragonfire: Part TwoMon30 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:404.00m6196
667Dragonfire: Part ThreeMon7 Dec 19877:35pm00:24:264.70m6494
668Remembrance of the Daleks: Part OneWed5 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:335.50m6878
669Remembrance of the Daleks: Part TwoWed12 Oct 19887:35pm00:24:315.80m6978
670Remembrance of the Daleks: Part ThreeWed19 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:305.10m7091
671Remembrance of the Daleks: Part FourWed26 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:365.00m7296
672The Happiness Patrol: Part OneWed2 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:515.30m6796
673The Happiness Patrol: Part TwoWed9 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:484.60m65104
674The Happiness Patrol: Part ThreeWed16 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:255.30m6588
675Silver Nemesis: Part OneWed23 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:316.10m7176
676Silver Nemesis: Part TwoWed30 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:125.20m7094
677Silver Nemesis: Part ThreeWed7 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:365.20m7098
678The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part OneWed14 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:235.00m6886
679The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part TwoWed21 Dec 19887:35pm00:24:205.30m6699
680The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part ThreeWed28 Dec 19887:39pm00:24:304.80m69108
681The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part FourWed4 Jan 19897:37pm00:24:246.60m6479
682Battlefield: Part OneWed6 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:063.10m69102
683Battlefield: Part TwoWed13 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:073.90m6891
684Battlefield: Part ThreeWed20 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:133.60m6795
685Battlefield: Part FourWed27 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:144.00m6589
686Ghost Light: Part OneWed4 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:174.20m6894
687Ghost Light: Part TwoWed11 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:184.00m6893
688Ghost Light: Part ThreeWed18 Oct 19897:35pm00:24:174.00m64104
689The Curse of Fenric: Part OneWed25 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:234.30m67104
690The Curse of Fenric: Part TwoWed1 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:094.00m68104
691The Curse of Fenric: Part ThreeWed8 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:114.00m68104
692The Curse of Fenric: Part FourWed15 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:164.20m68104
693Survival: Part OneWed22 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:145.00m6989
694Survival: Part TwoWed29 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:134.80m6996
695Survival: Part ThreeWed6 Dec 19897:35pm00:24:205.00m7191
696The TV MovieMon27 May 19968:29pm01:24:399.08m36.0%7517
697RoseSat26 Mar 20057:00pm00:44:1410.81m44.8%767
698The End Of The WorldSat2 Apr 20056:59pm00:44:457.97m37.8%7619
699The Unquiet DeadSat9 Apr 20057:00pm00:44:508.86m37.8%8015
700Aliens of LondonSat16 Apr 20057:00pm00:45:057.63m35.7%8218