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3D VFX Artist

Last updated 03 April 2014

3D VFX Artist has been credited in:
13 episodes of Doctor Who

2005RoseChris Tucker
RoseMark Wallman
RoseChris Petts
RoseAndy Howell
RoseJean-Claude Deguara
RosePaul Burton
RoseInfoPorl Perrott
The End Of The WorldAndy Howell
The End Of The WorldJoel Meire
The End Of The WorldNick Webber
The End Of The WorldPaul Burton
The End Of The WorldMatthew McKinney
The End Of The WorldChris Petts
The End Of The WorldPorl Perrott
The Unquiet DeadChris Petts
The Unquiet DeadChris Tucker
Aliens of LondonJean-Claude Deguara
Aliens of LondonPaul Burton
Aliens of LondonAndy Howell
Aliens of LondonMark Wallman
Aliens of LondonChris Petts
Aliens of LondonPorl Perrott
World War Three
World War ThreeJean-Claude Deguara
World War ThreePaul Burton
World War ThreeAndy Howell
World War ThreeMark Wallman
World War ThreeChris Petts
DalekAndy Howell
DalekChris Petts
DalekMark Wallman
The Long GameAndy Howell
The Long GameChris Petts
The Long GameMark Wallman
The Long GameJean-Claude Deguara
The Long GameNick Webber
Father's DayNicolas Hernandez
Father's DayChris Petts
Father's DayMark Wallman
Father's DayJean-Claude Deguara
Father's DayAndy Howell
The Empty ChildNicolas Hernandez
The Empty ChildAndy Howell
The Empty ChildJean-Claude Deguara
The Empty ChildChris Petts
The Empty ChildNick Webber
The Empty ChildMatthew McKinney
The Empty ChildPaul Burton
The Doctor DancesMark Wallman
The Doctor DancesAndy Howell
The Doctor DancesNicolas Hernandez
The Doctor DancesChris Petts
The Doctor DancesMatthew McKinney
Boom TownJoel Meire
Boom TownJean-Claude Deguara
Boom TownMatthew McKinney
Bad WolfMark Wallman
Bad WolfPaul Burton
Bad WolfJean-Claude Deguara
Bad WolfNick Webber
Bad WolfAndy Howell
Bad WolfNicolas Hernandez
Bad WolfMatthew McKinney
Bad WolfChris Petts
The Parting of the WaysNicolas Hernandez
The Parting of the WaysMatthew McKinney
The Parting of the WaysChris Petts
The Parting of the WaysMark Wallman
The Parting of the WaysPaul Burton
The Parting of the WaysJean-Claude Deguara
The Parting of the WaysNick Webber
The Parting of the WaysAndy Howell