Neve McIntosh

Last updated 09 January 2020

Neve McIntosh
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Carol McIntosh

Born: Sunday 9th April 1972 (age: 52)


Born in Paisley, Neve McIntosh grew up in Edinburgh, where she attended Boroughmuir High School. She was a member of Edinburgh Youth Theatre in the late eighties, appearing in Mother Goose and Doctor in the House. She moved to Glasgow to attend the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, after which she was in repertory companies at Perth and at The Little Theatre on the Isle of Mull.

She next played in a Glasgow stage production of The Trick is to Keep Breathing. She playing in the RSC production of Dickens' Great Expectations in Stratford, and starring as Portia in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice at the Lyceum in Edinburgh. In summer 2009, she performed in the Sylvia Plath play Three Women at the Edinburgh Festival. In February 2010 McIntosh appeared as the lead character 'Catherine' in the play Proof at Perth Theatre. She also played in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" as Miss Stapleton. In September 2011 she played Goneril in a production of King Lear at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

She also appeared in American director Mark L. Feinsod's first film, Love And Lung Cancer. Alongside her television work she has appeared in the films Gypsy Woman and One Last Chance. 2008-9 saw McIntosh starring in several new films including SalvageSpring 1941 (with costar Joseph Fiennes) and the award-winning Be All and End All.

McIntosh is probably best known for her portrayals of Fuchsia in the 2000 BBC and WGBH Boston production of Gormenghast, a lavish miniseries based on the first two books of the trilogy by Mervyn Peake, and Beryl Stapleton in the 2002 BBC version of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

In 2004, McIntosh starred in Bodies, a medical drama produced by BBC Three and based on the book Bodies by Jed Mercurio. She has also appeared in several other television dramas, including PsychosGhost SquadMarpleMurder CityBodies-2 and Low Winter Sun. It was during the production of Psychos that she met her cameraman husband Xandy Sahla from whom she was divorced in 2009. She also recorded an episode of Law & Order:UK.

In May 2010, McIntosh appeared in two episodes of the 2010 series of Doctor Who beside new Doctor played by Matt Smith. She plays two Silurian sisters who have been disturbed under the earth and appeared in the following series. In October 2010, she starred alongside former Doctor Who star, David Tennant, in Single Father, a BBC drama. She portrayed the part of Anna, the sister of the dead wife of Tennant's character (Dave).

McIntosh returned as a new Silurian character, Madame Vastra, in the Doctor Who Series 6 mid-series finale episode "A Good Man Goes to War", which aired in the UK on 4 June 2011. The character is a sword-wielding, human-eating late Victorian crime fighter, and an old friend of The Doctor.

McIntosh appeared in the BBC One series Case Histories as Joanna Hunter which aired in June 2011. She also starred in Season 2 of the BBC Three drama, Lip Service, as a love interest of one of the main characters, Sadie.