Terry Scully

Last updated 09 January 2020

Terry Scully (1932-2001)
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Terry Scully

Born: Friday 13th May 1932
Died: Tuesday 17th April 2001 (age: 68)


Terry Scully was a British theatre and television actor.

In 1969 he played Fewsham in the second Ice Warrior story The Seeds of Death

After making his name in the theatre, from the 1960s onwards he became more known for TV work. In 1960 he starred in the BBC's production of Age of Kings, playing King Henry VI in several episodes.

Other notable roles for Scully were as Horatio Nelson in the 1968 television series, Triton, and as Bicket in the BBC's 1967 blockbuster adaptation of The Forsyte Saga. He also appeared in Dixon of Dock GreenZ-CarsSoftly, SoftlyCallanPublic EyeThe Venturers, and Angels.

He appeared in theBlake's 7 episode "Dawn of the Gods" and starred as Vic Thatcher in four episodes of the 1970s series Survivors. During his time on that series, Scully suffered a nervous breakdown. As a result, his role was filled by actor Hugh Walters in subsequent episodes.

In 2001 he died of a stroke, aged 68.

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