Richard Wilson OBE

Last updated 09 January 2020

Richard Wilson OBE
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Ian Colquhoun Wilson

Born: Thursday 9th July 1936 (age: 88)


Richard Wilson is a Scottish actor, theatre director and broadcaster, best known for playing Victor Meldrew in the popular BBCsitcom One Foot in the Grave.

He appeared in Doctor Who as Dr Constantine in 2005 stories The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances

Wilson, who was born in Greenock, Scotland, has worked for the gay rights campaign group Stonewall and the Labour Party. He is one of the Patrons for Scottish Youth Theatre, Scotland's National Theatre "for and by" young people. Wilson is also a long-time supporter of the Sense charity and in 2007 hosted the Annual Sense Awards, honouring excellence in both deafblind people and those who work with them. He is also one of the Honorary Patrons of the London children's charity, Scene & Heard.