Sophie Stone

Last updated 01 October 2015

Sophie Stone
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Sophie Leigh Stone

Born: 1980 (age: 42)

Diamond Management (agent)

Sophie Stone is an actress with severe hearing difficulties, something she has had since birth. She grew up in East London, learning sign language at a deaf boarding school, and though initially experiencing difficulties in communicating, discovered through attending drama classes with her mother that it provided a way to properly express herself. At the age of 24, she became the first deaf person to study at RADA, and following that performed at the National Theatre and with Deafinitely Theatre company, and plus appearances in TV's Midsummer Murders, Casualty and Marchlands. In 2014 she starred in Woman of Flowers, a play written with her in mind by the disabled playwright Kaite O'Reilly.

She is a co-founder of The Deaf and Hearing Ensemble Theatre Company.

She now lives in Berkshire with her daughter, Angel.

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