Foreshadowing (Credit: Big Finish)

Written by Julian Richards
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Narrated by India Fisher

Big Finish Productions – Released August 2015

This neat little story perfectly captures the camaraderie of the heyday of the Eighth Doctor and Charley’s early Big Finish adventures before Zagreus got inside the Doctor’s head and they ended up banished to the rather mixed bag of adventures set in another universe. It uses the straightforward format of the Doctor and Charley narrating a sequence of events to a young army lieutenant who refreshingly seems to take their account at face value.

The most memorable part of the story comes at its conclusion with the revelation of one of the characters’ identity and with it the significance of the story’s title, a foreshadowing indeed, as the person concerned is due to meet a previous incarnation of the Doctor very soon after this story’s ending. India Fisher narrates perfectly and this is an enjoyable tale albeit one which is very much reliant on established continuity. Whilst continuity and stand-alone short stories aren’t always a good mix, this story is a pleasant exception to the rule.

Credit: Big Finish, Audio, Eighth Doctor