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Behind the Scenes - Bad Wolf
Behind the Scenes - The Parting of the Ways
10 Jun 2005Trailers
11 Jun 2005Bad Wolf - Episode Clips
18 Jun 2005Parting of the Ways - Episode Clips
24 Aug 2013BFI Q&A

Joe Ahearne
Notes from the Director.

Joe Ahearne
Directing the Daleks.

Nicholas Briggs
Camcorder Diary.

Building The Emperor
How the team go about building The Dalek Emperor.


"...and then I'm gonna find you.":
The Doctor remembers what happened before he found himself in the Big Brother house.

Rose on the Weakest Link:
The Doctor, Rose, and Jack wake up from amnesia into various reality television and game shows; the Doctor is in a Big Brother-like house, Rose is a contestant on The Weakest Link where those eliminated are thought to be disintegrated by the Anne Droid.

No weapons, no defences, no plan:
The Doctor and Jack discover a signal coming from the station that is hiding something orbiting above the Earth. They cancel the signal and reveal a fleet of Dalek spaceships. The Daleks open a communication channel to the Doctor, threatening to kill Rose if he interferes. The Doctor refuses to back down and vows to rescue Rose and wipe out the Daleks.


A message from the grave
The Doctor sends Rose into the TARDIS, and while she is inside he uses his sonic screwdriver to direct the TARDIS to return her to her home time. The Doctor appears to her via a holographic message and explains that he sent her home for her safety and to prevent the Daleks from getting the TARDIS.

Ninth Doctor regenerates:
Rose awakens on the TARDIS to find the Doctor in pain. He tells her that the act of absorbing the vortex has destroyed every cell in his body. Rose begins to panic as the Doctor tells her that he won't be seeing her again. After musing on what his next body will look like and telling Rose goodbye, he suddenly steps back and bursts with energy from the regeneration process.


Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways Q&A
Doctor Who returned to our screens after an absence of almost 10 years, reinvented for a modern audience with Christopher Eccleston in the lead. Producer Phil Collinson, director Joe Ahearne and actor Bruno Langley discuss relaunching the Doctor's career.

LinkCredit: British Film Institute