Press and Publicity Articles for Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

13 Jun 2005Avoid the Internet!
14 Jun 2005Bad Wolf unsolved

Remain Pure - give it up for a week

This Saturday sees the biggest episode of Doctor Who ever, full of jaw-dropping surprises, amazing revelations and more Daleks than even you can imagine.

Up until now the episode's been kept an absolute secret - there were fake scripts, fake scenes were shot, and no preview tapes have been issued. It's such a secret that not even's Fear Forecasters have been allowed to see it.

But all that will change this week - publicity pictures will appear tomorrow, and there's a screening for the press on Wednesday, so stuff will leak out. Our best advice to you - STAY OFF THE INTERNET THIS WEEK!

Especially as is running a video teaser every day at noon. It's also shown on BBC One through the day, and at 8pm every night - so step firmly away from the television at those times.

You'll also be missing out on changes to our spin-off sites such as, and one or two special treats on Avoid them - they're only there to lead you into temptation.

So - we'll see you on Saturday evening after the last episode of Doctor Who Confidential (which contains a few surprises of its own).

We'll miss you, but it's for your own good.

LinkCredit: BBC - Doctor Who 

Secret still out there, says Russell T Davies.

Have you solved the mystery of Bad Wolf, the cryptic hidden message spread across this season of Doctor Who?

Well, no. You haven't. At least, not according to Executive Producer Russell T Davies, who has been keeping an eager eye on the various theories about who or what the Bad Wolf could be:

"Judging from the reactions I've had, a lot of people seem to think the Bad Wolf has already been revealed. Oh, it's the TV station. Oh, it's half a million Daleks. I've even got one friend claiming it's the Face of Boe! I must get better friends.

"I don't want to give anything away yet, but there is another revelation to come in Saturday's episode. We haven't discovered the true Bad Wolf yet."

LinkCredit: BBC - Doctor Who