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COMING SOON | Can You Hear Me?
A cry for help from across the stars. Terrifying creatures in 1380 Aleppo. And in Sheffield, something is infecting people’s nightmares.

Credit: BBC Studios 

Nightmares Come to Life | Can You Hear Me?
Flying solo to 1380 Syria, the Doctor meets the terrified Tahira - and the thing of her nightmares

The Doctor's Nightmare?
Trapped in Zellin's custody, the Doctor is forced to dream of something - or someone - she greatly fears.

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Behind the Nightmares
Team TARDIS takes us behind the scenes of "Can You Hear Me?" - and Ian Gelder introduces us to Zellin!

Who is Zellin? | Can You Hear Me?
I'm playing... an immortal God!" Ian Gelder takes us through the process of creating and portraying the nightmarish Immortal Zellin in "Can You Hear Me?

Credit: BBC Studios