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Last updated 07 June 2016

Dalek Attack

Dalek Attack


It's the year 2254 and Earth has been invaded by the most ruthless and vicious race in the universe The DALEKS. Under instruction from their leader, the evil Davros, they have captured four major cities, LONDON, PARIS, NEW YORK and TOKYO.

Each city has been sealed off using a dome force field, and the DALEKS have constructed huge ozone destroying machines, which have been carefully located in each of the cities.

To ensure success the DALEKS have not come alone. They have brought with them their henchmen the OGRONS (war loving ape like creatures, who obey their every command), also vile MUTANTS who have developed a taste for Earthlings, DINOSAURS who have been cloned and programmed to attack humans, and of course a range of their huge ROBOT SUPER GUARDIANS armed with the very latest weaponry.

The TIMELORDS have summoned the 'DOCTOR' to help the humans  combat this terror and save the Universe from the evil of the DALEKS.

Production Team
Designer221B Software Development
MusicPaul Tankard
GraphicsJohn Gyarmati
GraphicsWayne Dalton
Programmer (PC, Spectrum)Nick Kimberley
Programmer (Amiga, AtariST)Richard Turner
Programmer (Commodore 64)Jason Heggie
Publisher Admiral Software