Episode Clips - Impossible Astronaut
Episode Clips - Day of the Moon
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A short scene writted by Steven Moffat


The Doctor in the White House
The TARDIS travels back to 8 April 1969, and ends up in the Oval Office. President Richard Nixon converses with a younger Canton Everett Delaware III about a series of phone calls he received from a young girl asking for help. The Doctor quickly gains Delaware's trust, convincing Nixon to give him a few minutes to locate the girl.

The day the Doctor dies!
Amy and Rory and River Song receive invitations to the Utah desert where they meet the Doctor, who claims to be nearly 200 years older than when they had last seen him. Later, a figure in an American astronaut suit emerges from the lake; the Doctor approaches it but warns his companions not to interfere. Could this really be the day of the doctor's death?

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First & last kiss with River Song
River Song refuses the Doctor's offer to travel with him, returning to her Stormcage prison in order to keep a promise. She kisses the Doctor goodbye, and as the Doctor has never kissed her before deduces that this will be her last kiss with him..

The Doctor Defeats The Silence
The Silence are defeated by the Doctor so now it's time to run...!

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Q&A with the Doctor Who Team (4th April 2011)
Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston discuss the revelations around The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon and River Song!
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Series 6: Best Moments:
Relive some highlights of the Eleventh Doctor's adventures with the Ponds!

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