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27 Oct 2006Doctor Who Cardiff spectacular sells out in two hours
10 Nov 2006Bid for Tennant's trainers and Billie's blouse!
25 Dec 2006Christmas Morning Concert, by Chuck Foster

A spectacular one-off event in Cardiff in aid of BBC Children in Need on 19 November - featuring BBC Wales' multi-Bafta award-winning drama Doctor Who and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales - has sold out in record time.

All the tickets for the star-studded concert at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff sold out within just two hours of going on sale.

The event will feature the BBC National Orchestra of Wales performing selections of Murray Gold's celebrated incidental score, accompanied by a host of stunning visuals from the most recent series of Doctor Who.

The audience can also expect live appearances from some of The Doctor's greatest enemies, including the infamous Daleks and the villainous Cybermen.

David Tennant, who plays the time-travelling Doctor, has confirmed that he will be on hand to take part in a question and answer session alongside Doctor Who writer and Executive Producer, Russell T Davies and Murray Gold.

Ticketless Doctor Who fans need not miss out because the concert will be recorded by BBC Radio Wales, to be aired at a later date.

It will also be filmed by Doctor Who Confidential for a special documentary to be shown on network television later in the year.

Russell T Davies said: "We are delighted to join forces with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales in aid of Children in Need.

"The evening promises to be an audio-visual spectacular. I can't wait to hear Murray Gold's extraordinary scores live on stage."

Doctor Who is made by BBC Wales and the majority of scenes are filmed in South Wales.

The Wales Millennium Centre itself has featured in two episodes: Boom Town – an episode in the first series based in modern Cardiff – and, in the second series, where the building doubled as a futuristic hospital on the planet New Earth.

The ticket prices included a donation to Children in Need and the proceeds from the official programme will also go to the Children in Need Appeal.

LinkCredit: BBC Press Office 

Full details of the upcoming Doctor Who Celebration event, in aid of Children In Need, have been announced - along with some exciting auction news.

David Tennant will host the entire evening's proceedings on 19 November 2006, introducing each section of music. Each song will be accompanied by specially edited sequences of scenes from the last two years of Doctor Who.

As well as the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Chorus, conducted by Ben Foster, composer Murray Gold will perform live with his own band. Murray will also join Russell T Davis and David Tennant for a Q&A session.

If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets, there will be a chance to bid for a pair on Friday's Children in Need show. The winning bidder will also get a chance to shake hands with David Tennant!

Talking of bidding, the Celebration event will feature a "silent auction" of props and memorabilia from the series (open to non-ticket holders too). Goodies on offer will include:-

A Sycorax Staff, David's 'Doomsday' script signed by David, Billie and Russell (including the final scene), A Parallel Jump Transporter, a Sanctuary Base wristband, 2 sets of Earpods, a bottle of Vitex, concept artwork, a set model, Bliss' sculpture from Love & Monsters, signed Doctor Who Confidential DVDs, a leather-bound, signed score of the music and last, but not least, the Doctor's motorcycle helmet from The Idiot's Lantern!

If you can't make it along, you might want to bid on eBay for highly collectible Genesis Ark, Rose's top from New Earth, a Sycorax Helmet and The Doctor's trainers (worn by David Tennant himself!). Follow the link below to check out the bidding.

All proceeds from both auctions will go to Children in Need.

On the day of the concert there will be several front of house events at the Cardiff Millennium Centre, open to the public.

These include the chance to have your picture taken with the TARDIS, and a Dalek (for a small donation to Children in Need). There will also be face painting, plus Ood, Clockwork Droids, Cybermen and the Daleks patrolling the foyer. And maybe one or two guests wandering about and chatting too.

As well as being broadcast live by Radio Wales, the show will be available to Interactive viewers over the coming months too. An hour-long behind-the-scenes special, produced by the Doctor Who Confidential team will also be screened in the not too distant future.

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The Children In Need Concert, which is available to digital viewers, has had an earlier start than previously advertised on site, with the first run commencing from 9:15am. The concert - filmed at Cardiff's Millennium Centre on 19th November - runs for approximately 90 minutes on a loop, and details of the schedule can be seen at any time by using the blue button during the concert.
The broadcast also includes a question-and-answer session with David TennantRussell T Davies and Murray Gold, plus a four-minute preview of "The Runaway Bride" (so you may not want to watch the concert until after 8:00pm!).
For those out and about and otherwise engaged in Christmas merriment, the concert will be broadcast digitally at other times throughout the Christmas season: Christmas Day (1:50-7:00pm, 8:50pm-4:00am - 1:45am for Freeview), 27th December (8:50pm-4:00am - 1:45am for Freeview), and then in the new year on 2nd/3rd January (7:50pm-4:00am - but not on Freeview). The audio-only version of the concert is also currently available from BBC Radio Wales on their "Listen Again" service.
For other coverage of the concert, don't forget this afternoon's behind-the-scenes look at the concert with Doctor Who Confidential on BBC1 at 1:00pm. Plus BBC Radio One delve into the concert in a three-hour programme with Jo Whiley from 4:00pm. This will be available on the "Listen Again" service for the next week, as is Doctor Who Back In Time, the behind-the-scenes from BBC Radio Wales broadcast yesterday.
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